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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Cue Trax, Megatron
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Pink Cookies
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook: ?]
Some girls dance with girls, naked on the porch
Shake it to the floor, get pussy galore

Aiyo, knick knack patty wack, give a hoe a bone
When I pull up to the club and my whips all chrome
Wrist all stoned, nigga, Lipps stay stoned
Put her lips on my dick, watch me get full blown
Little Remy Timbo, just copped a Benzo
Got his weight up and he used to push a rental
Now we in the club tossing it up
All the paper in his pocket, man he coughing it up
Shit, God damn, where you been honey?
Throw that ass in my face, got me spending all my bed money
Fuck it, I'm bout to move in here
They got the couch, and the pole, and the booze in here
Yeah, I got my crew in here
Ruthless, Megatron, got Cue in here
Now, how many tricks does it take
For you to get the car, and the house by the lake
Matter, fact, wait

[Chorus 2X: Apocalipps]
I like the way you do it
The sexy way you move it
Especially when you chew it
Fuck you in back of the blue whip

[Hook 2X]

[Cue Trax]
Yeah, Mega, Lipps, let's go, God
Shorty with the train, I ain't got a MetroCard
Next stop, transfer, to the next low broad
And she on touching on my head, but my neck so hard
And she know that my esco' large
And you only said money, so that she can afford
A new bra for her breasts applause
Cuz she got 'em even bigger even though they large
Keep chalks, like a Mex' in a strip club
Pimps up, hoes up, in the strip club
I had a dream last night in a strip club
Zipper all down, wonder why I had it zipped up
Glass up, sizzurp in a pimp cup
Nuts all night, how much can she sip up
Maybe one, maybe one, maybe three
Doesn't really mather, baby, come with me

[Bridge 2X: Megatron]
Move that body, baby
Work that body, baby
Twerk that body, baby
Damn, you drive me, crazy

I know what you searching for
Like it how I drop down to the floor
This beat is on for sure
Had on the bed, and he screaming for me
And more, and more
Niggas in the front, still standing at the door
But they can't get in, don't worry bout them
Pull out the oil and squeeze my twins
Put us in the front, meantime I'mma gon' shake my back
I know you want that
See what happens when I sip that yac
Getting all crazy, I don't know how to act
Smack, smack, I like it like that
Blow 'dro in my face while I'm sitting in your lap
Damn, this some good trees
Ooh, yeah, la-la
Please don't stop, I'm almost high
Spend that money, I'mma stay all night
Now give me the keys, I'mma ride til I die
Open up the door, come inside


[Hook 2X]

There's money in here, there's hoes in here (3X)