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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Love & Music
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Take this shit, Yeah
I got something on my mind man, It's like
It's a crazy situation, It's love sick man
Love is crazy cause it can make you do the craziest things
At the craziest times, I need some help man
Somebody gotta talk to me, I've never been this
I've never been this struck before, Check it, Yo

I got a problem, But now I know I'm sick for sure
Fatal attraction, I gotta go and get me a cure
This is a deep obsession, Infected me like the viruses
So I decided to hire a psychiatrist
Talk to me and please tell me what's wrong
Cause I'm in love with this bitch, And I think she's a song
I fiend for stacks, But check it, I'm a freak on wax
The horny lyricist that loves to fuck a beat from the back
Then nut on a track, And then I wipe my dick with the mic
I tell my boo that I love her, Then I kiss her good night
Two minutes to tell, Approximately two of her friends
We in the studio, Monajetwa, It's Juices and Gin
I'm squeezing nipples, And shorties screaming do it again
I almost came because the other one was moving her chin
Very well, She was hitting my phallis, Very well
And the melody she made they had me under a spell

[Chorus: Apocalipps, (Female Singer) *both*]
All my shorties roll with me
*I know you could hear me now, For the record*
*I love you* (I love you)
All my shorties roll with me
*I know you could feel me now, For the record*
*I love you* (I love you)

This is serious, I herd you were tryna take her away
Somebody violate mines, Man I'm making em pay
With the gauge in they face, Bitting my lines, Stealing my pussy
And they know that I'm crazy about shorties so why they push me
She's a good girl, Despite being raised in the ghetto
Sometimes I tell her to be quite then we do it acapello
I never was a trick but she get all of my dough
Spent thirty g's on that ass and then I rip at shows
Rappers be hatting, Not knowing she gone love me regardless
Cause she fiend for the sausage, I fuck her like Mr. Marcus
But that's not it, All day long I think about her
Even when I'm sweating, Taking a shit, I thinking about her
I can't think without her, And lord knows I can't sleep without her
Starving when she don't come around, I can't eat without her
I can't leave her alone with my friends
I have to pay my man to watch her then pay someone to watch him


Yo, My shorties the bomb, Official and she bad like that
Plus she's intelligent, And she love the brothers form the Stat-en
Isle, Fuck the, Shit outta you
I'll plant a seed in you song when I spit up in you
Make you my baby moms, Lace you with charms, It goes like that
Threw ice on your finger, And I froze the track
Stop holding me back, Cause this gone drive me outta my mind
Cause we belong together and our chemistry's divine
This aint fair, I gotta have her near
Her moms be jumpin like Destiny Child when Farrah was there
A tragic affair, Her whole style loosened my heart
I do you dirty you try to split me and my music apart, Let's go