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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Intro
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Lets move, Chea, Uh huh, Staten Island
What, The representative is in the building
Apocalipps, And you know what, I'm back
I just wanna let yall know
I couldn't have done it without yall
Special shout out to Now Born, Finally here
Body town, Layin shit down, Staple town, Layin shit down
Jungle Nills, Killa Hill, Fuck it
We gonna even take it all the way out to Toe Hill
Across the water, Brooklyn, Queens
Far Rock, Jamaica, What up, Fuck, Trinity Ave
All the way up to White Plains Road, Co-op City
You know what, They told me I can't talk long
So I'm get right down to it, So check it

Who be that live fellow, Shake pro nine like Jello
So much waves you would think his hair line was sayin hello
Rap wello, Clap two through your pillow
And laugh as Truck toss your corpse out the window
Endo, Smoke pounds of that, Beef, Got hollow rounds for that
I aint got time to be clownin with cats
The sound of my gat, Make niggas limp and fall
Hit the floor, Get back up, Slip and fall
The kid is back and I'm outta my slump
A nigga gave up the juice fast once he saw the side of a pump
Now throw his ass up inside of the trunk
Before we go my girl like those shoes
Bitch come up out of those pumps
I'm a dump camp general, A Ruthless soldier
I got my own guns, Just give me the word and it's over
And I just copped a chrome shotty
And all I got is my word and these Franklins
And I won't break em for nobody

[Outro: Apocalipps]
Chea, I'd like to thank my sponsors
You know, All the people who supported me
Red Eye, Another Mex, All the grimey niggas in the street
All my under world niggas, Slurg Unit
And last but not least, Ruthless Bastardz
What the fuck, Lets do it, This is the Smokefest