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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Bless
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   DJ Storm Freestyle
Typed by: King Kane

[Intro: Bless]
Yo, we don't care where you're from
Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens
We don't care
Put your money up and stop talking shit
My son gone smash y'all niggas
Apocalipps, get at these niggas, man

Yo, fuck the court system and the fake justice they practicing
Cause I will start clappin shit, like Jonathan Jackson did
Top the judge, put the pump to his abdomens
Say free all the Bastardz, in the pens you held captive, bitch
So many connects, I could burn cable
And let you sweat my techniques like you feelin my turntables
It's so easy for a hitman to target your house
It's so easy to go to jail, but so hard to get out
I don't argue with these clowns to prove my point
Seeing is believing, stupid, watch me prove the point
Apocalipps, yeah, Ruthless Bastardz, y'all know 'em
Any rapper on your bullshit roster, I fold 'em
Get ya "Heat", and don't come back with Lamar Odom
Keep watching 18 months, barcode 'em
Four fives unload 'em, put one in your scrotum
They asked me how I got off the ground, I showed 'em
A better flow, cheddar blow, niggas'll never know
You're like a balloon with a hole in it, you will never blow
I got a bitch that'll clean my guns
And run up in the courthouse like Lolita Lebron
Ruthless for this doe, cause I need dollars
Bullets'll leave a patch in your head like Rasheed Wallace, bitch

[Outro: Apocalipps]
Catch you on the rebound, yeah, Verrazano Vilain, DJ Storm,
Aha, yeah, Ruthless, all that...