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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Black Child, JoJo Pellegrino, Kryme Life
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Clippers
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: JoJo Pellegrino (Apocalipps)]
Are you ready kid? (yeah)
We the best meant for the job (let's do this, I got you Joey, where them horns at?)
Ok (I see you, uh-oh, locked and loaded) yeah

Pop Ya Head Off Records presents Apocalipps
Nigga rap with a four fifth, tracks'll get toasted
I'm back, but it's like I never left
Cuz I hit you with a right and then another left
Niggas better rep, trynna eat like Lipps
Shit I, kill a producer for a beat like this
And I shitted in the club bathroom, they say I lit it up
Bitches love the hooptie and the shit ain't even kitted up
I hear ya'll niggas talking bout money, ight, now get it up
Dirty ass throwback hat, get ya fitted up
Get your spinach up, sneakers, get ya tennis up
Pre paid cell phone cards, get ya minutes up
And you don't wanna see me dumping
21 in ya muthafucking back like Duncan
I used to get dough from packing bags, today
I still get dough from packing bags
With cracks and slabs, the diesel, the black, the hash
Anybody pump on my block, they ass is grass
And my AK's the lawnmower, nigga, it's all over
Shit got kicked to flip an armored car over
All my thorough heads that listen to this
Do me a favor, kill a nigga if he sound like Lipps
Dedicated fans keep me cool, Staten Island's
Off the ground now, muthafucka, we can't lose

[JoJo Pellegrino]
Yo, I don't need no jail time under my belt, I got that thang
On a gangsta note, I'm feeling myself
And I come up out the waste, why you want brains coming out the side of ya face
For coming out the side of your face
You homo thug and you riding with fags
When the drama activates, you wind up tied up and gagged
Clippers, no barking, we biting, the muzzles is off
Catch Pelle' in Porsche with the double exhaust
How the hell you gon' go against grain, got low jack on your chain
Cops call you by your first name
I speak the universal language, son, oh you speaky no Engly?
I break your jaw, you understand where I'm coming from
Get down like Danny Ocean, spit rounds and badly roast 'em
Over the shoulder knifer thrower, I'm rarely scoping
Bomb shells'll sink the ground, head shots
Like Ronell from Stapletown
Joey sensitive like fine hand triggers on the glock
And you rats suck, like Tucky sent niggas on the block
My peoples made it live in the '80's and ain't shit change
Get down or lay down, the'll body you babies
This summer gon' be off the hook, we laying pressure game
With hammers like the meatloaf, and Joe gon' get a good luck
I got a jam session, ain't no bird
But Pelle' can impress 'em, I show you how to do that paison
Got Southshore inked on my python, I walk like I think I'm an icon
My rep's exquisite, and I ain't never have no album out
Guess that makes me the best that never did it

[Kryme Life]
Niggas wanna see me fall, now picture that
After ya'll done see me crawl
Pitching crack, back against the wall, knock, never snitching
Back on the block with the raw, I gotta pay for the law
Step out of line, wet you straight from the door
No remorse, your love ones pray for your loss
When it's beef, I breathe easy, you turn and toss
Same way I put you on, I can get you off
And I hope niggas think it's a game, scope you out
For a week, thought shit's sweet, niggas was laying
Caught you off beat, four heat, all I was spraying
So much blood leaking from the boy thought he was raining
Word to my mic, Kryme Life, deliver the pain and
Whoever go against, is gon' remember the name
Each sentence be my vision, my prediction for lames
Beats take me on a mission like I'm spitting that thang
Son before you start problems, better stay calm and rethink (why)
That's like rocking the heavy charm on the weak link
Shit gon' pop off and I'mma give it to you fast
Like I'm on the ave, getting my last rocks off

[Black Child]
It's Black Child, I'm in love with my ratchet
Faggot niggas got they boxers on backwords
The'll get gat slapped and held captive
Me and my gat, is sexually active
When I finger fuck her, it's a muthafucka
She kick back when she bust, kiss you on your jugular
Now how them slugs feel? Kissing and hugging ya
That's how we show love to ya, shit's getting uglier
When you see me, it's courtesy of the hood
I'm a young black male, misunderstood
What's really good? I manauge with two ninas
Love to massage your temple, nothing comes between us
Sister sledgehammer, Venus and Serena
Turn your X5 to a drop top Beemer
We'll pop and lean ya, we not Lewima
It's Murder, muthafucka, it's never a misdemeanor

[Outro: Black Child]
JoJo, tell them niggas, huh, Lipps, Kryme, Murda