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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Cherokee
Typed by: Cno Evil

Mami, what's really hood? What's your ethnic background?
Your hair braided in the front, you left the back down?
Beno got the drink, go 'head, guzzle the 'yac down
Could never beat the pussy up, give it the smackdown
You know the game, cuz most these dudes is lames
They like to talk a lot shit, but they ain't worth change
Ma, what's your name? She said (CHEROKEE, CH, CHEROKEE, CH)
Words exchanged after a little liquor
Shorty's banging like Halle, but a little thicker
I think she know I want to lick her, you know, thug her out
Let her clean the guns, right before I do the stick up
Get the picture? Plus your girlfriend's looking alright
A few of my mans, that just came home, they do it all night
I lick you to your belly button, I ain't fronting
They don't call me Lipps for nothing, all of sudden

[Chorus 2X: Apocalipps]
My friends can meet your friends, we can be friends
Shit, we can do this every weekend
You can find me in the streets, in the clubs, in the jeeps
I got that get right, ma, don't sleep

Yo, shorty what's really hood? Now we out the club
Cherry red X5, and you sitting on dubs?
System so loud, it can probably break your neck
Yo this shit is car show status, I'mma call Flex
You know the next step, hands all on her breasts
Then she showed me how the seats adjust, the shit so plush
Damn, backshtos, got all in her guts
Nigga nutted all over the truck, what the fuck?
She really wanted me to eat it up
And pull her hair from the back, while I beat it up
And we gotta do this again, and before you go home
Make sure you throw your numbers up in my phone, now I'm gone

[Chorus 2X]

Yeah, aight, let's get it popping, Apocalipps is back
I treat my music like my bitch, and I nut on the track
Now, light up a sack, choose purple or black
And now we horny, next thing you know, I'm all in her back
Whoa, backshots, I never miss a beat
Before I bust off, I finish off strong like Mister Cee
Got the Grey Goose and Henny, and let's head to the car
I don't wanna be a lawyer, but I'm still taking the BAR
Right in her, what a nigga gotta do to get it popping
I got to fuck you, in back of the mall, and take you shopping?
Because I got all this cheese, think I'mma give you some?
I'm like Jack, bitches, they can't get a nickel, son
But you can get the dick from dusk til dawn
I can't wait to put my niggas on, what?
And shorty down for whatever, she go down like whatever
And when the Bastardz is in the room, we pounding together
And pussy ain't nothing but some meat on the bone
You can fuck it, you can suck it, or just leave it alone it
Now, I'm gone...

[Chorus 2X]