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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Smokefest
Song:   Apocalipps Now
Typed by: King Kane

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Ay yo this game is different now, you gotta step up your raps
(Apocalipps to this game called rap)
You don't hear that bullshit comin out of your trap
(Apocalipps to this game called rap)
It's time to get it on, load up your lyrical gat
(Apocalipps to this game called rap)
And all ya non-believers, yall can get it right now
(Oh, yes Apocalipps now, the gun blaow)

The governement dont like me, they see my lyrical arms
Unpredicted, to drop that bomb before the nigga Saddam
Where my riches dig ditchse for corns
Big biscuits for your bitch ass, blast you out your physical form
Unemployed, I couldn't cop the Lex or the Jag
But was the first one to do a drive-by in a cab
Bullets flyin, now these cowards is runnin
I told the driver that these niggas gotta die, so let the meter keep runnin
Fuck it, if there's a will there's a way
And I'm quick to do a motherfuckin  "raid", but don't confuse it with spray
And you don't hold weight, so don't confuse it with yay
Bring your boys, bring the noise, bring your toys, let's play!
And my heart don't pump Hi-C, I'm the nigga that be wildin in the pens
made you dance and do the totti
I'mma eat your food, I can't wait to get in you
I place your order with the waiter, cuz your face on the menu
And tryin to get these mills is a slow process
Cause my red meat raps take long to digest
It's logics that explain my struggle
But in New Brighton Projects where I was raised to bubble
They blaze the slug you, your spirit get raised above you
Time is always goin by, it's like these days don't love you
Yall MCs can suck my dick, and you ain't never teach me nothing in your rhymes
That mean you don't know shit
Apocalipps'll shut you herbs up quicker
Here's a thesaurus, now get your fuckin words up, nigga
Aight, how the fuck am I supposed to benefit, god?
They only do a buck 50 on my benefit card
This new system's only made for one thing
The rich get richer and the poor don't get a fuckin thing
I work overtime, I leave you traumatized
You ever dream you whip my ass, wake up and apologize


I'm back in this verse, I put your ass back in the dirt
I cut your face and watch it bubble like a pack on the first
I never die, my raps be hellified, my revolution will not be televized
You want attention, I don't be admiring your style
You wanna impress me? Shoot up a cop doing trial
Give the reporters a big smile, cause they mad that you out
They rather see you in the cell or walkin the Green Mile
I'll be walking to my whip, jump in the front and peel out
With a bad bitch upfront and she drinking my child
I'm beyond wild, I'm way beyond grimey and foul
That bullshit I be on, I'ma tell you bout right now
I take your begets, I'm the type to take your respect
And you the type to run in Sam Goody breaking cassettes
I break up your neck, Apocalipps, I'll break up your set
And since yall niggas think im sleepin I'ma wake up the Tecs
Then wake up your moms, late night, break up her arms
C4-style, I'ma blow you up when I wake up the bombs
Ya might attempted murder, I caught a body this evenin
In fact, when I was writin this verse my pen started bleedin
The paper caught a seizure, then he started shakin and screamin
I had to stop writing this shit on some "Fuck it, I'm leavin!"
But then I came back, I pistol-whipped the beat with the Mac
And then I wild out and stuck up the track with that same Mac
Dont say that, cause you dont wanna talk about violence
My silencer is real violent, it will make you remain silent
And all that shit you said will be held and used against you
I'ma play it back, cock back and I'ma hit you
I'm Apocalipps, you know I better the game
I make a fuckin mess once I nine-beretta'd ya brain
I hustle so hard, that these niggas cant stand me
So then they turn to jake and start singin like Sammy
But I'ma cop mad coke straight from Miami
And sell so many grams, they gonna give me a Grammy
And bust at your family, bang till there's no one left
And if your seed is still alive I'ma choke his ass to death
So what you got a whip, and who cares you've a driver
Cause your car could be mines with just a screwdriver
Or I put a bomb under your S500
So once you start the ignition you'll be over and done with