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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Welcome 2 New York
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Apocalipps, New Yitty, let's get busy

Welcome to the Big Apple, money, and drugs, and shackles
Around here, the youngest nigga'll clap you
Wake your man up, he sleeping, throw your hands up
If you a true New Yorker, let's go stand up
All my thorough heads, let's get it crunk in this bitch
Throw these out of town niggas what time it is
How we go out of state with a couple of nicks
Some guns and a click, then we all come back rich
This is a big city, for big dogs, and big willies
Where bitches walk around with big asses and big titties
Fifty four elevens with the washing raps
And they love to give head to the stars that rap
But the niggas roll around with big cars with gats
And they quick to get it on, and give scars and scrap
Yo, who the fuck is this cat? Apocalipps on this track
And let me introduce you all to the clip and the mack
I'm next to the plate, you know I gotta rep for my state
Might beat you with a Yankee bat, and then stop on you face
I shove my foot in your ass until it break out
Then have you shitting beef and broccoli for months, like bad takeout
The oven's on 355, now take the cake out
And let's do it, and we gon' grind to the crumb
I'm tired of you bums, NY, we ride where I'm from
And you cornball niggas not allowed to come, let's go
Long Island, Y-O, BX, Queens
Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, what the fuck?

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Welcome to New York where we start the trends
Rocking Air Force One's and them Gucci Timbs
You can tell by the chains that these niggas is balling
And that's why all these chickens keep calling
Welcome to New York where the gangstas walk
And these fake thugs get outlined in chalk
When them hammers cock back, boy, you know it's on and
And cop keep busting til eight in the morning

Catch me at Ground Zero, smoking a blunt, eating a hero
I'm selling T-Shirts trynna get this deniro
And the cops out here they always trynna nap me
And that's why I wouldn't mind putting two in Pataki
But nevermind that, Lipps'll give you something to see
Now who wanna bounce to the clubs with me?
Hold on, I hope your shoes is tight, your wig is right
Cuz we all gon' get up in some shit tonight
We gon' ride down to Club Speed, with some ecst' and speed
Sneak in the back door with liquor and weed
Or we gon' down to Club Cheetah, with the bad mamacitas
But you gotta have Elvita's
Or we gon' bumrush Two Eyes and Club Ivy
Yo, up in Brooklyn Cafe, that's where I be
Posted by the bar like my shit don't stink
And pull a gun out on the baller, like let me get that mink
Summertime is off the hook, catch me at the Rucker
Shorty right there is bad, you laying game, you can' fuck her
Since you uptown, you might as well go shopping
And get the gear for tonight, cuz Jimmy's Cafe is popping
We can't leave this place, cuz we always at stake
State troopers pull us over once they see our plates
I don't care what you heard, Apocalipps make it happen
The only one to drop a bomb on New York since Bin Laden
All my niggas locked up, tell the CO to crack the gate
Attica, Clinton, Catsakky, Comstock, Riker's Island, get crunk ya'll