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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Str8 Jackin'
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Straight jackin', muthafuckas
Apocalipps, gon' take ya'll through
Explain a few things for you muthafuckas
You know I act, the way I act
Why I rap the way I fucking rap
Why my guns clap the way they clap
Ya'll niggas slapped

You the type that'll go and buy chrome for your whip
I'm the type that buy the chrome that'll come with a clip
And a rubbergrip, in '86, they call me Bubba Lip
Now they call me Leave Ya Ass Smothered Under a Cover Quick
I spit until my tonsils bleed, with fonto leaves
Macho seeds, pockets got nacho cheese
We mastered the slang, bash you with this Crys' if you front
Inside the club, that's a weapon, cops done shit asked once
Case you try to play like Puff, call my bluff
Close shots to your stomach, lose all your guts
Apawcalupps, my bad, Apocalipps
And ya'll niggas tryin' to hold on, I got this shit
Tots get split, for green, silver and copper shit
I snatch your wallet through your jeans, and leave you pocketless
Proper shit, I write all day, get right all day
Got a bitch that never argue, she say I'm right all day
I'm built like that, I ain't even human, I'm a species
Matter fact my name ain't Lipps no more, just call me feces
Dukee or doo-doo, I'm a big dog, yo just a poodle
Ya'll still smoke cess? I smoke chocolate and piss Yoo-Hoo
Rob you for your clothes, undress, I want your Fubu's
Brand new Timbs, my size, give me the boots too
I used to steal cars, but, shit is real now
So let me tell you about the car I'm trying to steal right now
Yo, it's a spaceship, damn, and that shit can fly
I fuck around and bust a uey, and park the shit in the sky
Get out on the cloud, piss on the critics below
They on my dick now, they wasn't trying to listen before
And all ya'll niggas that be thinking I won't kill your click
Always keep in mind nigga, that I Will like Smith
And Wessun, cave your chest in, blazy, now you rest in
The heat'll give your ass a sun tan, change your complexion
I bring the best in, this rap game, smack lames
Snatch chains, clap brains, all in the same day
Come at me sideways, I come at you the same way
Sideways, but with an AK, spray in your way
The day of the wake, I'm right there, kissing your moms
Like when I catch the cat who did this, he gon' be missing an arm
Mission accomplished, Lipps rip tracks like box cutters
I'm the illest lyricist alive, did I stutter?
Did I stutter, did I stutter, did I stutter, did I stutter?