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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Iron Mic, Truck
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Ruthless Returns
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Truck]
The Blacksmiths is back at yall ass
Ruthless Bastardz, Get em!

[Prelude: Apocalipps]
(Ruthless Bastardz, Ruthless Bastardz)
I know what this is, This is a Ruthless affair
(Ruthless Bastardz, Ruthless Bastardz)
You can not kill us, We will not die
(Ruthless Bastardz) Iron Mic

[Iron Mic]
Yo, Pop your ratchets, It's the Bastardz
Face screwed up like you wont get your ass killed
Rolled that shit, Light that shit, Smoke it then pass it
We out for cabbage, Get thrown in the casket
You average, You couldn't fuck with me if I let you
These bitches suck for free without the Lex coupe
You better watch your back, Watch who you next to
Soon as you fall asleep they coming to get you
To wet you, But not me I'm bulletproofed up
What two guns be too ruff, who want what
Tell me when the dramas on, Nigga is you gone bust
You just another scared nigga, One that your crew don't trust
You see me I'm just the opposite, Nigga my glock'll spit
Why the fuck you think they call me Imf, I stay on top of shit
Yeah I'll be popping shit but bet I can back it up
As fast as I can make this bad bitch back it up
Next thing you knowing, We got her bagging up
I show her the door as soon as she start acting up
I'm macking her, Only because she deserves to be macked
And I aint gonna smack her although she deserves to be smacked
I live the street life, Blocks hot, Third degree rap
And I perform open heart surgery rap, Come on

[Chorus: Iron Mic]
Why would yall wanna be stupid and fuck with us
Word up, Word Up, What yall know about the Ruthless Bastatrdz

Yall rather trick that money, (Yo how much is that coochie)
I'd rather flip that money, (Man fuck that, How much is that uzi)
You gonna fucking get punched in your face, Shot in your back
From this wild ass nigga that don't know how to act
Straight from Staten, Shit is real, All my life I've been trapped in
That's why I'm bringing terror to the hood like Bin Laden
What yall asking, For my niggas to start clapping
Kidnapping and car jacking, For shit to start happening
I used to be a broke nigga, Shit aint funny nigga
Cause nowadays all I do is get money nigga
A smooth cat and these bitches love that
If you aint hitting her right, I slide dick to her back
So, Move over bacon cause here come something meatier
I'm tryna make this bitch scream, All your doing is teasing her
What the fuck, Tie his ass up, Throw em in the truck
I heard there's money on his head, I wanna know how much
Cause I'm, Shisty and grimey, On the streets is where you find me
A big motherfucker with some Ruthless cats behind me
And we all got guns, From the Now Born slums
Yall hear loud noise I advise yall run, (Let's go Truck)
Or be another body caught up in shot-shotty
Something to talk about in your hallway lobby (Yo check it)

I be the black pharaoh, Or better yet, The black sparrow
And most of yall niggas spit darts, I spat arrows
With venom on the tip, Now who's fucking with Lipps
I'll take ya back to snatchy's and take all yall chips
I'll chop your head off, For thinking you can cross that line
They found your head with no brains and said you lost your mind
My crew is insane, You don't know what I'll do to you lames
And Teri Woods heard this verse and said I'm true to the game
I'll take your block and make a million and give you your block back
I'll take the rock out your watch and then give you your watch back
So you'll always know what time it is, What kind of rhyme this is
Apocalipps you rewind that shit
I greet you, Then I slap you, Then swoop your dime
Eat you, Before I yack you and boot your shine
Your probably not built, That's why I wrap your body in silk
And shit on rappers while I'm shitting your kasaki and milk
And I aint gonna stress ya, I'ma let this bullet catch ya
My style is nasty, You can serve it out the mess hall
Like last chow, Rushing niggas like Moscow
You backed out, The drama scared you then you passed out
And you can bring your whole clique, I stay armed with heat
My veterinarian will put all your dogs to sleep
Squads want beef, I'm strictly fish, Squashing beats
Forever kicking fucky shit and never wash my feet
Squashing beats, Like sasquatch's feet
I'm like the bulls when Jordan was there, I'm hard to beat
I'm hard to beat, Hard to beat

[Outro: Apocalipps]
That's right motherfuckers, We right back in your ass
Now Born, Raise the fuck up, West Brighton
Stapleton, Park Hill, Jungle Nation
We about to bring it to these motherfuckers
Radio Takeover, Ayo Scoop, Holla at these motherfuckers