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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Life Goes On
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook: Apocalipps w/ ad-libs]
So many tears, we shed, so many tears
So many tears, we shed, so many tears
So many tears, we shed, so many tears
So many tears, we shed, so many tears

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Aiyo, don't waste ya time thinking, what might go wrong
Just suck it in and keep it moving, cuz life goes on
It's alright for us to mourn over a life that's gone
But sometimes you gotta stay strong cuz life goes on
Even in your lowest situation, trapped in the storm
Find some inspriration, for living, cuz life goes on
Pay attention, you might hear you life in this song
But keep keep on, cuz live goes on, cuz life goes on

Yo, I can rap about a tech and a nine, or put some ice in this rhyme
But I'mma take ya'll through life this time
And life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll get
Just take a bite and that there could be death
Take another bite, ahh, now that there is success
We try to chase this, with no discipline or respect
Now walk with me, and I'mma try to fix your position
And you will be a genius, if you talked less and listen
And I was like a car with no direction, but plenty of speed
(What else?) A misconception, of hunger and greed
Made me stick people up, that looked just like me
A prophet in the form of a man, I just might be
I had the devil in me, and I thought that I would burn in hell
Went to a school that taught me nothing, and I learned it well
I graduated, top of my class, suited shit on
I thought I knew it all, but then I got the stupid award
Where credit is due, who gets the credit? Me or the Lord?
And everytime I ask myself that, I come to a pause
My life came to a pause when they sent me up north
Five years had me sick with a cold and no chicken brother
With no Vick's or no Robitussen
A knowledge script blew my face off like comas, cousin
You open my oven, you prolly think some heat came out
Nah, alot of blood and all my meat came out
I had to hold it down, and put my face in my palm
Look at my past and think about those good dudes I did wrong
And think about all the foul shit that I got away with
The nature's of law, that here is nothing to play with me
Cuz everything revolves around the 360 degrees
There's a thought of happiness, I'm trying to give you the key
Now listen to me, and know your time without your watches
For you to believe shit stink, and got to be on your list
Yo, use your third optic, don't say the brothers is fake
A wiseman, he gon' learn from another's mistake
Now cover your face, if the picture that I paint is too real
You can not listen now, but in the end you will
I had to learn the hard way, and you can skip that class
Cuz you can go from the top to a piece of shit that fast
It might not last, the state is trynna get that ass
They want them strong smart black men to mow they grass
That's pathetic, that bullshit in ya life, you need to dead it
The grym reaper got a date for you, pa, and you can get it
Life is no game, it's only one man, no extra credit
And when you die on the screen, you can't reset it
What you gon' be, where you gon' go, don't even stress it
Just look inside yourself and try to answer that question
Word up, you gon' find the answer, cuz life goes on


[Hook w/ ad-libs]