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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Know Your Role
Typed by: King Kane

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Know your role, everybody's got a part to play
Know your role, pick yours and you could start today
Know your role, before you front your character gotta fit
Know your role, just be for real and stop acting and shit
Know your role, believe me, even tough guys get hit
Know your role, if you're a thug you better study your script
Know your role, you're only thorough when the camera is on
Know your role, you'se a corn, stop tryin to perform

Yo, I'm a Bastard, recognize one when you see one
Niggas heard my album, killed they moms and pops just to be one
It's fucked up, cause you could get your eardrums busted
You listen to a lot of rap and you can suffer concussions
And as you enter coma cause you got beat up by the bullshit
Like the rapper who killed five niggas with one bullet
It's all bullshit, and once they spit a bar you can smell it
Like that ki of dope you got, where the fuck you gonna sell it
How you back it up, where ya chemist? No you don't cook it
Niggas be straight from Farm County but they say they from Brooklyn
And you fake ballers kill me with your ice, but I'm colder
Ice this and ice that, but yet Jacob's don't know ya
Prison ain't fun, don't say you been there when you wasn't
The only time you went to jail is when you visit your cousins
Your fake image won't sell, the real know you ain't hot
Yo, I ain't gotta lie, shit, I tell your ass what I got
I got a thousand rhymes, 800 lines of pure venom
Green like slime, nasty lucky shit, so I spit 'em
And niggas know me, I ain't never have a Lex or a Beem'
I had a mountainbike and I used that shit to chase fiends
Yo, I never copped a ki, I carry cracks in my ass
I go uptown and do my thing and cop a ounce and a half
I got a fam which consists no brothers, two sisters
Got kicked out of kindergarten, grabbed my dick in a picture
I got a ugly broad, but I love her, cause she don't lie
I got an attitude when I got denied SSI
I got beef, normal shit, nothing you can't prevent
I'm not a dummy, but I got what you call common sense
I got a wild clique that rock coke rap, the art of war, math
That kick the drawer fast, and bring the drama to your soft ass
Yeah, I got something, else but I ain't gonna say it
And I know my role, know your's, now play it


Aiyo, I'm here to make a dollar out a penny
But I got a weed habit, I love pussy and I'm addicted to Henny
I got a gun fetish, man, just pass me a glock and your ass'll be hoppin
And please don't ask me 'what's poppin?'
Cause that's a stupid question, easy answer it's the Smith & Wesson
But I ain't talkin' bout the Cocoa Brovaz, it's the
Smith & Wesson that can smoke ya'll brothers
El loco, motherfucker, your games is ass
I rock a green bandana, cause I bang for cash
Ya'll slang is trash, I got big things that blast
And I'm quick to flip back that big thing that spaz
You can't see me in this rap shit, that's a reality
My pen is arrogant, it got it's own personality
Cause it can talk, think, drink and smoke haze
And everytime it write a ill bar, he hit on the page
Pockets is plush, lyrically I stop and I bust
Shots will literally drop the fuckin top of your trunk
I'm tryin to spit until you're all gone
I'm hotter than the nigga standin on the sun with a shirt and a pair of long john
Cheerleaders get your pom-poms and scream 'go Lipps'
I'm like a nigga without a whip, nothing to flow with, nothing to ride with
And I'm nothin to drive crazy, and I rap like a single father raisin five babies
Smell me, if not then put some Vick's on your chest
Cause I can aim with my revolver, all six in your chest