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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Truck
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Ghetto Chick
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Lets go baby girl, This one's for yall
All the shorties that's ready to do it to the end withca nigga
I want yall to raise the motherfucking roof off on this one
Radio Takeover, Apocalipps, Truck, Lets go

All my shorties with the corn braids, Hair wraps
Little beady-bee naps, Yeah I like that all day
You a dime, Depending where you at in your mind
Depend on me, I depend on crime
I need a chick that'll pop my bottle, Sip then swallow
She look alright, But every chick aint a model
Fuck a bad bitch pushing a Rolls
I want a thorough bitch that'll cook with a fifth and a stove
Wait for yall to come while the pies is flipping
It's so fucking good, Then fry some chicken

Okay now, Lift up her night gown, Pretty brown
Dick hard, Turn off the light now, Now right now
She's amazed by my every touch
While I'm unwrapping up her dress she unwrapping a Dutch
The Alaze and Moe-E, Got me sexing her slowly
I need a real nigga like you daddy what she told me
I need a real nigga like you daddy why
Bitch I need a real chick too, That's official
Where you at my ghetto queen, Boo I miss you

[Chorus 1: Unknown Singer (Apocalipps) {Truck} *all*]
(I don't know, But I feel like this yo)
I need a thorough chick, *That's what I need*
A Shorty who won't roam on me, (Word up, Yo)
I need a thorough chick, (What you want mommy to do)
A mommy who will stand by me, (And do what) {You got my back love}
Love on me, {Shorty are you gone die for me} Die for me

Okay ma be with him, Feel him out
Get his stash and his jewels and his G's from him
I'ma be there when you leave with him
And don't worry about duke, I'll make sure he never breathe again
Giving you head with the gem in the mouth
Dicks could fuck fifty, Fuck it, Take her shopping witha Ken Griffeys
And a little outfit look like fifty
Bucks, Get that from Truck, Go cop fifty

Attention ladies, Stock the roots intern
Welcome to the skin firm, Time to take your midterms
The back seat with Truck, Let's swing an episode
I'm a thug with passion, Never letting go
I need a chick with her own muscle
So when daddy get knocked she aint afraid to hit the block and hustle
I'm grinding, She's boosting
She'll load the guns and I'm coming out shooting
A real women that'll hold a thug down, I aint find her yet
But i'ma still look around

[Chorus 2: Unknown Singer]
I need a thorough chick, A shorty who won't roam on me
I need a thorough chick, A mommy who will stand by me
Ride for me, Die for me