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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Creepin'
Typed by: Cno Evil

First things first, me Lipps, I like chicks that's ruthless
Deuces, that wear tight jeans and sip quarter juices
Those the ones I like, cuz they don't want nathan
Just slurpees and hot dogs from Nathan's
Mami, I ain't got no time to be wasting
I got to be home by nine, and you telling me be patient?
Meet me at the train station, and watch me pull up
In something that'll make your friends think I'm amazing
You so hot, you make me wanna blast a fan
Especially when you turn around you got a ass like Pam
And breasts like Fox, word, son, her breast type prop
You know a down ass broad, one of them chicks that rock
But we got, a secret relationship
It's so good, I had to go down and taste that shhh
The way my, lips vibrate, your lips so tight
I be like, brrrrr, brrrrrr bam
Know how we freak off, just follow my lead
She eat me like a watermelon, but she swallow the seeds
I love the tricks you do with your mouth, what if we get caught
We get caught, ma? I'm getting kicked out the house
But is it worth it?

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
See I'm supposed to be with wifey, but I'm chilling here with you
And everytime she close her eyes, I keep on sliding off with you
See I'm supposed to be with wifey, but I'm lying here with you
And everytime she turns her back, I keep on sliding off with you

Yo, living dangerously, is what my friends tell me
But if they cut your nose off, you still'll smell me
Aight, here's the rules, never call my house
Try to keep this to yourself, yeah, control your mouth
Cuz this can't get back to my spouse, she won't cut me off
She'll probably cut off my johnson, ouch
Don't pop up, don't try to play real shifty
And don't, suck my neck, cuz we don't play them hickeys
Oh, try not to scratch up my back like a hawk
And everytime my cell phone ring, yeah, don't talk
Cuz your my undercover lover, I make you scream under the covers
Or do it in the rain, with no umbrella
Plus, I need you girl, I please you girl
And you never try to get me to leave my girl
And this type of stuff happens all the time
Everybody have affairs, man, I'm trying to tell you about mines
Now where my background?


So what's it gonna be? You and me, I'm trynna creep out
Real sweet and twist you out in the v
All night, we gon' be chilling for real, I play with your coochie
With my right, while my left hands on the wheel
As bad as it seem and, I beat her back for adding
Then ate her dessert, you know it taste like peaches & cream
Thinking bout that, almost made me crash with the Beam
She got the bonkest, ass busting out of her jeans
I wanna, love you down, like I, love my pound
There's 69 ways just to make your love come down
I can't get too attached, that's bad, you so bad
I got dudes stalking me trynna get near yo ass
But umm, we all gotta take a fall, boo
I guess I see you next week, damn, right, I'mma call you