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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   Bang This Out
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Bang this out, this is that shit right here
That get you crunk, when you bout to flip out
Aiyo, watch your mouth, you shouldn't have left that out
Now I know you soft, set that out
Tell 'em how it's going down, Apocalipps is back
Ya'll can't live, I'm bout to shut this down
You better hold your ground, man, and I don't care where you from
Or who you roll with, bust your pound
All my niggas turn it up, all my bitches turn it up
My niggas get it crunk, come on, get it crunk

Ya'll wanna get fly? And try to test Lipps, why?
Fall the fuck back, and bump your fucking head 'fore you die
I got the flow cracking, niggas don't try me, they know I'm packing
The silver and black chrome, to match my Bo Jacksons
Ya'll know what's happening, it's Mr. Staten, himself
Apocalipps, I got my weight up, now I'm snatching your belt
Man, ya'll rap sheet consist a song with Nas and Jigga
My rap sheet consist of crack sales and robbing niggas
Aight, let's do the math, both of your mans, plus, you his ass
Equals rob you, kill you, leave you dead broke with no cash
Hand on my gun, let the kid expand with his lungs
You talk like you got a little gangsta man on your tongue
And I ain't gonna bang on wax, you should know who you messing with
My gun got star 69, and it take messages
I'm like a psychic, and I see you and your sidekick
Two wack rappers running round try'nna spit my shit
I see your future, I see your name on the shelf
And Miss Cleo'll tell your stupid you playing yourself
My last battle was a good one, one got fronted
Until he heard I had more hot lines than 1-900
Apocalipps, listen for real, and listen you'll get it
The first bar is free, a dollar each additional minute
Now here's a message if you bootleg, man, you'll troops'll be dead
All they gon' find is your boots and your legs


I'm finally here, my niggas, the curse is gone
All my carpets, grab them dispursed deforms
All my niggas wilding out, in the cells and the dorms
Apocalipps is home, that's what ya'll niggas thirst for so long
It's like just yesterday, I was spinning the yard
But now I'm doing doughnuts, 360's, spinning they cars
Cinnamon Dodge, rocking thin linen with scarves
Hoes is tricking, buying trees, I got them spinning the yard
We hitting you hard, like Roy, and that nigga hit hard
Double edge rap, I cut your rhyme book, and leave it scarred
Second to none, I hit you in the neck with this gun
And stomp your Adam's apple out for disrespecting my slums
You fucking crazy, I play with these tracks like toys
Your wax destroyed, revolver rap, clap your boys
My mentally? They just let me out of the box
I let my bubble gum pop and blow you out of your socks
You new to this boss, I thought I told your ass before
I put the city on pause, grab New York by the balls

[Chorus 2X]