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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  Radio Takeover, Pt. 1
Song:   4 the Doe
Typed by: Cno Evil

Some go to jail for it, that's right, rot in the cell for it
Electrocuted, get shot, then go to hell for it
What else, it's fucked up what we do for this paper
And if a nigga ain't thinking bout pussy than it's a caper
And being dead broke, that's the worst, baby
That's why I'm trying to get close to these presidents like the First Lady
I slung coke, crack, stole and rob
But now I changed and, shit, I got a couple of jobs
I burn MC's, I bootleg 'em, burn CD's
Plus I still know a fiend that can repair TV's
I got this job, I cook chicken rice, and black eyed peas
And plus I sell fake driver's license, fake ID's
Ects' aint' poppin', I lost that connect last March
But now I sell bogus trees and bogus MetroCards
Sold my crew, part time, I'm selling my poems
I'm selling looseys in front of the store, chargin five dollars for bones
I got the ill T-shirts with the promos to
And for the price of 10 bucks, you can own one to
Aiyo, I'm not a dummy, but then again, I'm not a scholar
But I got my GED, it stands for Getting Every Dollar

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
We duckin' D's and blowing trees
Now it's official, I won't fall for this dough
(Get this cash ya'll, every chance that you get, come on)
You should be too, if I was you
I'd get this loot, man, I'm all for this dough
(Keep stacking, baby, keep stacking til you reach the ceiling)

Aiyo, these niggas that I know is like mice for this cheese
And trife for this cheese, on corners, roll dice for this cheese
You like what you see? Get happy, get nice off them trees
I know some niggas that done died for doing life for this cheese
And I'd rather hustle, before I be a broke lame
I'm so thirsty, shit, I'll probably hop on the train
Like yo, I'm sorry to disturb ya'll, but I'd appreciate
A dollar for this verse, ya'll, I'm so disturbed, ya'll
And lyrics, be on my mind all day
Punchlines and metaphors be on my mind all day
But that's not it, for a dollar, I can spit with perfection
And for another dollar, I can give you directions
For instance, this train's running all the way down
Fall back, express train, and we going uptown
Next stop, you can transfer to the N or the R
And go upstairs to 40 Deuce, it's full of women and cars
Or hop on the A, go to Harlem, cop you some haze
They got the sticky green shit, and plus the service is great
Ride back down, get off that, then hop on the 1
Go pass the World Trade, I wouldn't fuck with that son
And if you go into Canarsey, you catch the L
And catch Lipps in between the carts, puffin' an L
Get off the 4 at Bowling Green, I hope you make it in time
And catch the Staten Island Ferry there and get you a shine
A Timberland shine, yo, I hope you feel me this time
Last cart was mad cheap, they gave me nickels and dimes
You looking at me like I'm crazy, yo, I ain't crazy, man
The only thing I'm crazy about, is this fucking dough

[Chorus 2X]