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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Bless, Iron Mic
Album:  The Get Right
Song:   What Would You Do?
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps, (DJ Storm)]
(New Ruthless Bastardz) Lets go
(DJ Storm) I need yall on this one
I'm out, (World War III)
All the grimey niggas come out
I'm out (Another mix creation)

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
This is for the Ruthless Bastardz, There's on born everyday
Ruthless Bastardz, We goin out in a blaze
They tyrna cover your eyes so the truth you can't see
What would you do if you was me, Cause I'ma a Ruthless Bastard

Yo, Yo, Yo if you scared get a dog, When I'm scared I cock the four
I fuckin, Knock on your door then put some shots in your jaw
Yall lie in your songs, These rap niggas'll tell me wrong
But a, I thank God I keep my helmet on
And the mic is my bitch, Fuck around I'ma rape her
And my, Pen is a freak cause it molests the papers
I cut my eye lids off, Just so I can't sleep
Yall tryna Ramadan a nigga for life, I eat
I can't speak my mind, When I'm spittin these songs
I'll tell you what you wanna hear then you tell me I'm wrong
The ghetto is real, The metal is real, The chedda is real
Shit, You blow trial then you better appeal
The better the cash, Then that means the better the deal
I'll put a price on your head, They'll find you dead in the fields
With lead in your grill, I'll give you somethin to feel
Official blood money, I keep the red on my bills
And if you gone plan a hit then put your best on it
I got a bullet with your picture, Your name, And your address on it


[Iron Mic]
Yo my flow is magnificent, Everyday I'm on some different shit
I might just spit the fifth, Leave you stiff
I might spit the four, Thanks Lord, I'm blessed with the gift
Promise to keep it real, Promise to tell the truth when I rap
I'm just a lyricist slash street nigga, Slash drug dealer
Slash starvin, We got to eat nigga
I was raised in the jungle, We had to be killas
I was bored of the rats, Crack, Mack millas
Gats, Black and Silver, Gangstas, Cap peelers
So it figures why we clap for the skrilla
React a little quicker, When the drama is on
Nigga the tracks a little hotter, When the Iron is on
We get emotional for the dough
For my family, The Bastardz, My money, Then my toaster blow
We rock from coast to coast, Nigga you aint ready to load
Grab your toast and go for broke
We live like animals, Go at your throat
You get smoked like goat, We children with no hope
And get plucked like ass, Just can't fuck with the Bastardz
I'm done talking, Go get your ratchet

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo surprise motherfucka, The king is back
I'm like Sterokivitz the way I bust three out the gat
Night night for you niggas thats talkin
I'm about to cop some coke, Cop some kicks, And this nigga a coffin
It's Bless, When you think of me you think of the four
So what you you think that I'm thinkin when I kick down your door
I'm thinkin minks, Fuck it, Fur coats, Ts and all
Ruthless Bastardz, Last CD was raw
And you niggas think I rhyme for yall, Thats funny
Cause I rhyme for my niggas sellin shit by the store
Sellin weed, Sellin crack by the store
Arab whillin, Bless take that shit out the store
And I'ma eat regardless, Cause my stomach is groulin
Life is too hard, Thats why you never catch me smilin