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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  The Get Right
Song:   War
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Lets go
Lets go
Lets go
Yo, Yo

[Chorus: Apocalipps]
Yo there's a war going on outside, Nigga it's on
War, You choose sides I'm rollin with Desert Storm
Don't ever turn us down, Let the system keep pumpin
Cause my rap productions, Is like weapons of mass destructions

When I was locked up I was starvin, They called me the Chow King
But I kept a sharp banger real long like Yao Ming
And it's often my style change, When it's north then I'm Shaolang
Niggas lust to hear these lyrics then run with the foul slang
If it's on, I'll bang, If it's not, Go browsing
Not Atlanta but God damnit the Hawk is a loud thing
I rap propane stand down
I spit fire at this Road Island club then the whole shit burnt down
Now all the fire fighters hate my ass, And all the playa haters hate my ass
But I'ma make my cash,I say fuck it Ma, Shake that ass
I started fuckin Betty Crocker now my cake come fast
And if I can't get your legs nigga ya head get clapped
I'm in the store makin sales by the potato chip racks
Get your prices and your scales because I'm right on the Ave
All my street terrorists with crack bombs in they ass
Cock the AK, Apocalipps my AKA
I got a Black Panther slug for you KKKs
From back in the days, Yall cats move to the back when we bang
Masters of slang, Shots message the back of your brain
And I can't see myself gettin hacky-yacked for my chain
Cause I be chillin with the Big Daddy gat and the Caine
No half step-aine, I'm half normal half insane
I run with bitter ex-cons that love smashin lames
But it's war now so lace your boots up, Call your troops up
Lock and load, To many niggas to shoot up
Cats be frail, If we got beef clap me well
Cause I'ma come back like a little black rat female
Gat we avail, My mack injure Pax V-12s
I run with Ruthless ass niggas that'll clap females
Don't ever fuck with envy, I'll leave you murked on the pave
You beach niggas I could let a slug surf on your waves
Some niggas go star struck, Then confuse it with luck
Your album aint hot, But it's not bad for five bucks