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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  The Get Right
Song:   Keeplock
Typed by: pneumatic

This is that good shit right?
It's that Get Right
It's the Get Right right here, It's that Get Right nigga

Ohh, Apocalipps, Ohh, Yo, I said Yo
I said mistake me, Don't mistake me, Please
I hate these, My gats always on fire, Fuck a safety
Don't make me, Make you disappear, Straight Gs
I like beats like these, Bite it and give it rabies
Like rats do, And I can see it in your facials
I run with wild dudes that eat food, And they will taste you
Hit you from your neck to, Your chest to, Your ankles
You Schwarzenegger cats is mistakes, I must erase you
I aint gone chase you, See I'ma let this bullet race you
And treat you like a new pair of air max and lace you
My Yankee bat will break every bone inside your leg
Even Evil Knievel wouldn't jump off with his moped
Now here's the big one, Your not calm fuckin with Lipps son
That's like makin a midget shoot the fair one with Big Pun
That's out work weight class, Apocalipps I'll take your stiz-ash
And yall Jennifer Lopez niggas is straight iz-ass
What is that, Try me and you gone find out
This aint no game, Once you get here you can't call time out
Yo I'm from Staten Island, You shouldn't fuck with them kids
And I'm not Christopher Wallace but you can still call me big
Because I got big lips, A big dick, A big gun and it spit
A big house with a big fence, Insurance, I got a big six
It's like that, Go get your shit pushed back
Because you don't even have to go to McDonalds to taste a Big Mac
Loaded with hollow heads, Roll deep with ghetto heads
And I got toast to toast on you so called thorough breads
I'm too nice, And why the fuck you got your shoes tight
Because you aint gonna bust a fuckin grape in a food fight
Niggas spit lungies, And some niggas spit flames
Man I'm spittin shit that's cold to leave you froze for five decades
I went from doin shows, To up north as a recade
And robbin niggas in the town, This is my best days
But that's my past cause, All I do now is sell lyrics
And kill niggas with my rhymes and listen to their spirit
Shh you hear it, One of the illest niggas out of S.I
And I we ever cross we cross your heart and hope you'll die
I'll break my 9 piece in half and now I have a 4-5
The clouds aint gonna shoot back, Stop bustin shots in the sky fucka
Uhh, Ruthless Bastards, Staten Island let's go
That how you do it nigga, That's how you fuckin do it