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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Iron Mic
Album:  The Get Right
Song:   The Hungry
Typed by: pneumatic

[Prelude: DJ Storm]
Yeah, As we keep it movin, It's The Get Right
My man Apocalipps, It's your boy, Verrazano Vilain, DJ Storm
We got so many joints we don't even know what to slap you in you head with

[Intro: Apocalipps, w/ Iron Mic ad-libs]
Yo, DJ Storm, Mets, Apocalipps
Lets do this baby, Ruthless Bastardz
Scare-ceraded, Yeah, Uhh, Uhh, Yo, Yo

I said whats wrong, Yall can't hear the hunger in my songs
(What the fuck) Yall can't see I've been starvin for too long
(Damn) Cause I aint tryna go back to slangin bombs
And makin your block warm and settin off car alarms
(Why) See I'm just tryna get paper and fall back
(What the fuck) Can't yall niggas respect it and fall back
(Please fall back) The Bastardz, We takin this shit back
If we all got to go to war and start spittin gats
I went for music in jail to music by mail
My tape is ten ninety-nine, You'll never catch it on sale
I should have been home, I could have made my board in nine-nine
Been I spit a tear three rhyme that got me loss of good time
It fucked up my date, And Gem Stars can fuck up your face
Too much bakin soda in your grams can fuck up your cake
But thats a different story, So whats the issue right now
Yall niggas never paid yall bills and I'm dyin to put your lights out
I spit that hollow point shit that'll touch your brain
Yo if you pussy when this beat drop, Tuck your chain
I hate you fake pretty niggas, Tryna play Don Juan
I got these three-eighty shells that'll storm through your Sean John
And kill your dress code, And rip your Echo sweater in half
The gun'll leave your ass splashed once it echoes and blasts
Yall niggas is wack, That's why I don't listen to cats
This shit right here is guaranteed to make you rip up your raps
And burn then shits, Gully niggas burn them clips
All these rappers out, They main concern is Lipps
And fuck you corns, The shit I spit is hot you warm
And I could melt your microphone into a liquid form
You think I look soft nigga, But my heat stay burnin
Remember, Its a wolf under the lamb skin shearlin
I got one plan, And I'm only one man
I work out so I can bust two macks with one hand
(What else) And I'm quick to do a juks nigga, Asks your man
Cause you'll get stuck like caravans in a traffic jam
I'll leave you stretched like plastic man
Niggas call my gun fifty bucks cause when it busts it leaves you half a man
I splash ya clan, Make sure you never laugh again
Give you a pound with a pound nigga, Blast the hand
The master plan, Apocalipps is back again
And this is my block, We'll catch you niggas after ten
And you can rock a little shines and get jigga whatever
But since the soldier stole my chain it wrote the coldest winter ever
What's wrong, Yall can't hear the hunger in my song
(What the fuck) Yall can't see I've been starvin for too long
(Damn) Cause I aint tryna go back to slangin bombs
And makin your block warm and settin off car alarms
(Why) See I'm just tryna get paper and fall back
Iron Mic, Yo his shit back

[Iron Mic]
Yo let me show you why, I'm the illest nigga alive
I was raised on the block where the killers reside
Across the street where the dealers and the criminals hide
There's two parts of me, Nigga check my lyrical side
The way I translate rhymes into a homicide
Part of me, Darts turn into armed robberies
And sometimes leaves casualties, Battlin me
Is like walkin into a precinct, Clappin the D
Don't be stupid, Can't none of yall fuck with Ruthless
We starvin, Potato chips, Quater juices
Yall niggas suck, Put down the mic, Put your platinum up
Give me the mic down in the post, Niggas aint matchin up
Cause our ratchets bust, Police after us
And how you gone ride, When I kill your passengers
I run with, Savages that'll stab your kids nigga
Get caught with a pack and be like that was his
Grimey niggas that'll do like anything for the CREAM
We masked up everyday like it's Halloween
Niggas stay tellin fibs