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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  The Get Right
Song:   Death Before Dishonor
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps]
DJ Storm, Lets bring it to these niggas
Another muthafuckin mix creation
Apocalipps, What away to end a forth quarter
Ayo, What the fuck, Turn my head phones up a little bit more
Yeah right there, Aight, Check it like this
I got somethin to say to yall niggas man
I don't give a fuck, Where you from, Or who you roll with
Aint nobody going to disrespect me and get away with it
That's my word

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo
I put my gun down my mic gone clap ya
I don't give a fuck if you black, Chinese, Or a white boy rapper
You signed a deal with who, Alright hold up check it
I signed a full album deal with pop your head off records
And now I'm CEO, Yall niggas know what's happenin
I'ma stab my first artist if he don't go platinum
You's a nobody, And you aint hurtin nobody
You frontin like a killa and you aint catch no bodies
This is my vic, Yo Iron step back, Hold Gotti
He don't know, He think I rap but bustin gats is my hobby
And fuck your clique, I'll kill em all with the semi
And smoke em all cause they silly, Smoke a strawberry phillie
Whoa, I prolly would pistol, I doubt he gone miss you and
Nobody surprised that my album's official
Why Lips is so nice, I don't know the answer
I shitted on so many niggas I got colon cancer
I'm bout to play a nigga, Straight Kayslay a nigga
Run in the studio and Jam Master Jay a nigga
For sayin my name, This shit aint a game
I'm about to break your five dollar ass and make change
To them red neck C-Os that jumped me in the box
Left me for dead, Tried to lump me up with knots
But I made my boy, Chain chunkied up with rocks
Now the livest niggas in the jail flump me in they box
I'ma haunt you faggits, I still hate yall lames
I can't wait to catch you crackers at a baseball game
But on some other shit, Time's up you through
Yeah I'm from Shaolin, But I don't rhyme like the Wu
Sit with the Don, Bitch I wear a brick on my arm
And my ass about to blow cause my shit is the bomb
Don't ever shit on our born, You'll get smacked on your dome
I'ma hold it down till Truck and J-Black come home
I love the Ruthless Bastardz cause they bought me a pretty glock
Now me and my crew got the whole city locked
Wait, Wait, Cause that's irrelevant fam
I'll stomp you out and make your face look like the elephant man's
And I'm not the nicest on the Stat, Matter fact
I'm the illest in New York and I'ma leave it at that, Bitch