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Artist: Apocalipps
Album:  The Get Right
Song:   Check Mate
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Apocalipps]
Whatever you decide to do, You better be the best at it muthafucka, (I hear you, I hear you)
You hear me, I'ma teach you how to play this game man shit is real, (I'm serious man)
This is a game man, I want you to do something for me

Study the streets, Study your man, Study your broad
Yeah, Watch your paper, Watch the board
Everything counts, One mistake will cause you to lose
Remember thinkin the clocks runnin down, Go ahead it's your move
Apocalipps, Take over begins now
I'm tryna lock this shit down, Don't try to be my friend now
Check out my style, My pops blessed me well
I spit that raw street shit to blow your SP-12
Must I fail, (Uh huh) Choke you till your face get pale
Or have the sheriff from bloodhounds tryna trace your trail, (Trace us)
Yeah I know snitches, But ask me do I know biscuits
And I shoot with both of my hands, I'm all-istic
I'm so Christmas, Give ass wippens, I'm so gifted
My clique's demented, Crazy ex-cons that's born twisted, (What now)
I run fast, But you might get away, I'm far sighted
I stay drunk and one of my fingers got arthritis
He said I can't spit for this paper, Son's wrong
That's why I charge his ass $12.99 for one song, (What else)
And one hook, And my shit is tight like a virgin
Since I respect the game I'll let you all cop a bootleg version
But that's for half price, And most of yall niggas are half nice
I don't discriminate, Whoever you are I smash mics
I steal bikes, Car too, Plus ice
And I'm quick to add man, Don't even pull out no dice
Tuff guys, They never live long, Remember that bully
Somebody emptied 12 shots inside his Timberland hoody
Bloodied his clothes, Raw coke and bloody your nose
And I just smoke that haze shit that didn't gully it shows
Skully from hoes, Got my nuts about to explode
Matter fact, Ahh, I'm done yo Truck let's roll
Ten Dutches, Staten Island cats bump this
Funk Flex, Clue, Storm, And they all want this
Apocalipps, I'm the hardest and yall niggas retarded
And when I kill your mixtape Pa, Don't press charges
And I'm about to take the game, Yall nigga just wait
Matter fact game over muthafucka, Check mate