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Artist: Apocalipps f/ Iron Mic
Album:  The Get Right
Song:   Be More Careful
Typed by: pneumatic

I heard that nigga good
You heard him
I know that yo, This nigga trippin yo

[Chorus: Apocalipps, (Iron Mic)]
Let's go, Come on
Yep, Yep, Yep
Ayo you better be careful what you say to me
(Why nigga) Cause I might just spaz on you
And yo you better be careful what you do to me
(Fuck you gone do) Cause I might just do it to you

[Iron Mic]
Yo, Yo, Yo
You better get back, Or get your shit pushed back
It's hollow tip raps, Comin out this lyrical gat
It's critical, These criminals don't know how to act
Get bitch smacked, The wrong thing's comin out of your trap
It's just me, My rhymes and my gat, (What up)
My peeps, My freaks, Ruthless, My grind's in the back
And we are, Currently on a grind in fact
Just ask my nigga So, He know I don't lie in my raps
Either the tech will pop, Or the heckler cocks
Don't be testin us, You endin up dead in a box
And I stay on the grind, It don't matter the time
I learned magic, Turned rhymes into dollar signs
I aint no mathematician, Just a rap magician
Comin for your position, It's them Bastardz spittin
Lyrics be like addition, I be addin on
Iron Mic is the truth, Fuck these rappin cons
You wanna see a real nigga, Put the glasses on
I'm rippin anything, No matter what track I'm on
I get visions of flashbacks of me, Blastin the cron
See guns you couldn't carry, About the size of your arm
Me and Apocalip, Is like Michael and Scottie Pip
Two gun slangin niggas, Aint afraid to buy the shit
We gone be excelled to a couple championships
Life's a struggle tryna bubble, Like champaign sips
Watch what comes out your lip, Get your campaign hit
Nigga think he ridin high, Get his airplane hit
Your man aint shit, Neither is you nor your crew
Ruthless spit unbelievable, Believe it your through

[Interlude: Apocalipps]
Yo, Yo, Yo
If your gat spit, Let it go, Bloaw-Bloaw-Bloaw-Bloaw
If your gat spit, Let it go, Bloaw-Bloaw-Bloaw-Bloaw

Ayo, Where all these gangsta come, (I dunno)
I wanna pop them with toolies, They musta got them out the mafia movies
Now stop it old foolie, Cause I just copped me an uzi
And I'm about to hit your block and, Drop all you movies then rock you like
Blood stain will spot up your coochie
I'll send the vultures after your ass and, Pocket your luchie
Understand man, Your man is booty, Your clan is coohie
Like a pack of Starburst, God damn yall fruity
I'll wet up your set, Fly shit, I set up the best
But my wrists, Hands and neck, It aint forgettin till death
When I spit at the best, Get at his ass and get at his chest
If there's more members of his crew, Fuck it, I'll get at the rest
The milli don't test, Shells that could fill up your breast
The last nigga, I left him stressed the way I lit up your vest
I twisted his guess, Pushed his question mark to the left
The paramedics hit the set, I let em get at the mess
Don't put up with Lipps, Cause he'll get up hit up with techs
I'll cut your fuckin head off, Then I'll shit in your neck
Kid I aint reck, Whatever we can put up I bang
Whoever cop up right now, They gonna get at the Less
Staten I-S, L-A-N-D and we reck
I got some bullets for your dog and I can throw em like fetch
I throw em like catch, I throw em to your team at the set
Or let your back catch a shot like Mike Piazz from the Mets, Bitch