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Artist: Apollo Brown & O.C.
Album:  Trophies
Song:   Prove Me Wrong
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Calm before the storm...

From whence I came, express my pain
Shape and mold my frame, I go by the name 
of O.C., my p/k/a when onstage 
Plus in real life, this here's my government title
Idle to many, not the truth to naysayers
Been an avenue walker since British Walkers
Way before Obama was thought to be in office
Loss of friends to jail and some dead in a coffin
Way of life and music has since gone corporate
Picture the days past now it's a whole different portrait
Me dumbin down would be a sign of weakness
Throwin in the towel as Victor Ortiz did
Protect yourselves at all times, my guard's up
Keepin the odds even with the flow and the bars up
The star child leave 'em star-struck
Knowin an engine won't run on its own without spark plugs

If you could read my thoughts, what you'd discover is mind-blowing
Even when I'm asleep, my mind goin
My subconscious stay alert
Revealing the questions to answers, otherwise I don't know
What be the norm for others, for me, move in slow-mo
See deception and truth be told
...Yeah, set in my ways 'til you prove me wrong

Uh, sub-par ain't part of my rapport
The blood gods are fiendin for a taste of my allure
For O.C. addicts, sorry for the wait
Tie off your arms, here's another dose, a few years withdrawal
Been a bit too long, I know, vent, talk shit 
Let it out, exhale, time to let it go
From a league of extraordinary men
So what's expected is nothing below perfection
Never lost that connection
When in doubt, life's about chances
Wilted trees only grow new branches
Words paint a canvas within, around my questions 
and answers, mistake of a panther lurkin 
I know the game's hurtin, one thing's for certain
When it's all said and done, who supplies the best service?
Take a look around, who's well-worth the purchase
Y'all fooled by these aliens, phenom is an earthling


Yo, there's nothing but wealth in my soul
So the slogan, "Men lie, numbers don't"
Read between the quotes' a cop-out
In the D, gettin songs knocked out, ha..
Soon to hit the road and rock out
In pre-recordin I can fix my mistakes
But it's another level in the flesh live, onstage
Big acts, backed by majors
Sign the dotted line, 360 like they doin us a favor
Fake-ass bosses talkin balderdash 
with fake designer garments, glass in they crosses 
Balloonin they profits, you niggaz need stop it
How far do the lies go before you expose?
Seems pussy ain't a man's down-fall no mo'
New things, stretch a lie as far is it could go
Product placement, live shit is way down in the basement
Crime, tour, promote murder, catch a case, heh~!