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Artist: Apollo Brown & O.C.
Album:  Trophies
Song:   People's Champ
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"Man, I'd jump off this roof to get rid of them punks, man
 Man, give me a- come up boy, I'll knock you and them punks over
 Gimme a TALL punk man, I'd cut him down to my size, boy
 (That's alright) Gimme a fat punk man, I'd make that punk..
 (Damn boy!) Gimme a 125 of 'em, I take 'em all man"

Yo, yo, pre-season is about to start
How many rappers put up numbers without bein on the charts?
I'm that exceptions to the rules written
Who thought my throat was parched and gave up spittin?
The epitome who lyrically go down like shots of whiskey
Mad muh'fuckers sayin they missed me
Tearin over the god like bags of peeled onions
Verbal foot in their ass with the athlete's fungus
Hit 'em where hurts so good, goin up against the best out
Claimin number one in this world, See
Rappers with a lot to lose, pop shit and hide behind dudes
That's why they're down with crews
Conceived in sin, non-matrimony
Against the Bible's creed and God rights fully
There was a time when I frequent Wet Willie's
Down in MIA in the spot with Knick colors yellin..

[Chorus: O.C.] (M.O.P.'s "Ante Up" sample)
(BANG! Bang time! It's game time!)
Trophy music is the franchise but our rules we play by
(BANG! Bang time! It's game time!)
(Get 'em! Get 'em! Get 'em! Get 'em! Hit 'em! Hit 'em! Hit 'em! Hit 'em!)
(BANG! Bang time! It's game time!)
Trophy music is the franchise but our rules we play by
(BANG! Bang time! It's game time!)
(Get 'em! Get 'em! Get 'em! Get 'em! Hit 'em! Hit 'em! Hit 'em! Hit 'em!)

On somebody else's tab, I'm paid to rap
Apollo solicits the beats, I blaze the tracks
These facts are documented on a signed contract
New eras go with the flow or just change and adapt
Heart of a Spartan, goin against the Persian army
Killin me's the only brute force to disarm me
Logo been my initials with the crown on top
Had the Dow take a plunge, my stock keep risin up, ha
The people's champ, modern day Robin Hood
Handin out hope in abundance throughout Sherwood
But these are concrete jungles not a forest
Littered with D's, G's, cut-throats, harlots, whoa
Methodical plans, boxed up, sealed, and delivered
Given the state of the game to consider
I don't do Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter
Still analog, stay gettin money on back catalogue


Niggaz makin it rain like it's never gon' stop
Five years time livin in a cardboard box
Think of somethin new to say, everybody swagged out! 
For the rich to maintain, others are broke, that's facts 
or based on statistics, look around your district
Drugs, murder, rape, crime is big business
Just so happens O became an entertainer
Dame dropped me a jewel to keep lawyers on retainer
Open to advice as long as it makes sense
So the dollar that stashed inside the safe, that's great
Grindin over time to pu,t food on the plate
I keep that blue collar respect so others relate
This here union is official, Apollo behind the gun 
Lettin off the clip and I'm the trigger hittin, no misses
Viable intel provided by snitches
that rats PC'd behind walls of a prison