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Artist: Apathy
Album:  Where's Your Album?!
Song:   It Takes a Seven Nation Army to Hold Us Back
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Shhhhhh....Yeah, Apathy, listen
Can't believe you motherfuckers didn't think of this before
Make bitches spas' like the Plasmatics, watch this

Better get the best shit you wrote that makes 'em go wild
Shit a bitch'll put up in a AOL Profile
Download it, burn it, and ship it to Kansas
To a cousin that'll pump it on a college campus
Play it at dances and translate it to Spanish
So foreign exchange motherfuckers'll understand this
Shit that'll make a chick send you 'er panties
Or fight with her family like, "You don't understand me!"
Raps that'll change the existence of earth
From infant to birth, if mom heard the verse
Like "What!?"  Didn't understand it at first
So she reversed and played it until it made her brain burst
That's how it works
Gotta love it 'till it hurts
Love it 'till I easily ease off skirts
Ease on your knees and I'll skeet on your shirt
Freeze on the floor now back to work

Go ("Back and forth")
From here to the floor
'Till your bodies spasm and your feet is sore
Go ("Back and forth")
From here to the store
Use a box of Magnums now you need some more
Go ("Back and forth")
On top, make her rock, make her pop
Make it roll, make her stop 'fore you blow it then
Go ("Back and forth")
From here to the bar
From near or far
When you hear it in your car go...

Hey what's up Beatrice?
I see you standin' there with your little Coach bag
Tiffany's bracelet trying to look all pretty (So?)
That's like 250 dollars total
That's two pairs of sneakers for me
Fuck outta here...

("I'm gonna fight'em all") ("Hold me back")
("Fight'em all") ("Hold me back")
("Fight'em all") ("Hold me back")
(What you gonna do Ap?)
("Fight'em all") ("Hold me back")

Yeah.. nope, don't calm down yet...
It's not time yet (yo)

[Emilio Lopez]
Hold me back, fuck that, I'ma gonna fight 'em all
If you can't fight'em, later swing by the morgue
Since nobody knows how to rock a mic no more
I'ma start teachin' rappers how to write your bars
I ain't tryin' to tell nobody how to fight your wars
But fuck weapons son, I throw hooks like Jabar
I don't like any of y'all
And any of all, wouldn't give a fuck if my bank had a penny or more
Come through your crib smellin' like Arsenio Hall
Give you dap with the same hand that was pettin' your whore
I admit it, I'm a sinner, broke plenty of laws
And never got stretched but I broke plenty of jaw
Listen, I'm hungry, I'm amped, I'm ready, I'm suped
Been broke too damn long son, I'm ready for loot
Once I'm more known no artist will never recupe'
And I'ma spit the flow 'till I own every coupe

Go ("Back and forth")
Weed spot to the coke spot
Bring a fiend with you just to make sure the coke's hot
("Back and forth")
If she wit' you now she mine
Lover boy you should've never ever bought that half of wine
("Back and forth")
'Lotta hoes on my dick
Due to dough that I get, plus the flows that I spit
("Back and forth")
Re-up, get that money, man
We about to change the game, ain't nothin' funny man

Yeah, Emilio
Y'all can call me Mr. Lopez
Your girl already does...

("I'm gonna") ("I'm gonna") ("I'm gonna")
("I'm gonna fight 'em all") ("Hold me back")
(Fight'em all") ("Hold me back")
(Fight'em all") ("Hold me back")
(Fight'em all") ("Hold me back")

Change the record motherfucker!