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Artist: Apathy
Album:  The Lesson Freestyle (S) *
Song:   The Lesson Freestyle
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* available at

Stop being stupid, get educated
Hehehe~! Let me educate you right now

{*to the beat of "The Lesson" by The Roots*}

I make you motherfuckers break out like soda and grease
Devoted in speech and how it flows over the beats
We're rollin deep, holdin heat like the code of the streets
Reloadin my piece, but faggot rappers go to police
Yo I use more Force than even Yoda can teach
Tryin to counter my opponents but the total decrease
Flows released, 'til every last foe is deceased
Build a throne from the bones of the bogus and weak
So if you ever pick up the mic, to beef or to diss
You cease to exist, before the metal reaches your lips
The reason is this - picture gettin Jesus to spit
Multiply by 6 and you'll get me when I flip
Walk exotic beaches with bitches who fiend for the dick
that get exotic freaky and vicious and eager to lick
Let my foes roll deep, bringin souls to the beef
Fuck bullets~! I can catch lightning bolts in my teeth
It's Apathy; the baddest rapper with a mentality
that's as savage as survivors after nuclear disaster
Aftermath smashes as asteroid crashes
Frontin like you're bad when half you boys passive
I'm past that 6th grade shit, play slick
I'll be up inside your nose on some switchblade shit
Radaman style, motherfuckers better be listenin
I'll start spittin and turn your brain to Jessica Simpson
Fresh in the flesh, nowadays, I'm better at pimpin
Gettin every single chick and tryin every single position
I'm top-seeded, burn your stomach linin like there's
crack rocks in your pocket and you see the cops eat it
Cannot be defeated, it's not an option I treat it
like it's pussy get it poppin any time that I need it
If a bitch ain't wifey and she like me or I beat it
then she's likely to describe me as bein slightly conceited
The type to type your number in my phone then delete it
Leave it alone, you ain't givin dome then I don't need it
I got kinky hoes in skimpy clothes
with brain powers that can crack "DaVinci Codes"