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Artist: Apathy
Album:  Baptism By Fire
Song:   One Step at a Time
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[Chorus] [x4]
"Well take it one step at a time" 
[Verse One]
It's the way that I talk with you, chill with you
Walk with you build with you
Touch you
Hold your hands down when I fuck you
Look at you, right in your eyes when I speak with you
Treat you so sweet but still flip out and beef with you
Your mother's in love with me
When she discusses me, hugs and says, "That's exactly how son should be."
Second by second
Minute by minute
There's no need to rush, if it's real than we'll get it
Don't sweat it, don't force it, you'll push me away
Screamin' and fightin' and beg me to stay
So hour by hour
Day by day
You need to just chill cause there's no other way
[Chorus] [x4] "Well take it one step at a time" 
[Verse Two]
I'm feelin' you, feelin' you, feelin' you
What more can I say?
You stay on my brain like all day
But you need to build trust
You think I'm with hoes?
I'm lettin' you go cause my cell minutes are low
I'm constantly with you
Subconsciously hint to
The fact I'm attached and want to be with you
But you need to relax, there ain't been no mishaps
Addiction to chickens, you think I'll relapse
You love who I kiss you, no issues, won't hit you
That's so unexceptional
Love how you're sexual
Love how you're edible
Love is inevitable
Just keep in mind it's one step at a time
You'll be fine
[Chorus] [x4]
"Well take it one step at a time" 
[Verse Three]
It's the way that I laugh with you, smash with you
Stay with you, lay with you
Bang you, pull your hair back when I spank you
Thank you for patiently chillin'
You wait for me, willin'
To stay with me, fillin'
That space for me, gracefully
Cause some girls are chickens, they trippin'
It's ill how you separate fact from the fiction
It's obvious, no need to rush me, just trust me
We'll go with the flow
Take this shit slow
[Chorus] [x4]
"Well take it one step at a time"