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Artist: Apollo Brown f/ Stik Figa
Album:  The Reset
Song:   Seasons
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oooh baby, my baby, what you would be

(Stik Figa)
December winter with temper to bitter cold
Black ice frozen drizzling kiss the snow
Dead trees, dead dreams and all that you didn't know
All preserved in the words and the places you didn't go
It didn't grow, seed planted in the Arctic, praying for some sunlight
Bleeding for the harvest, praying fairtytales just retreating to the darkness
Its major disbelief and then you flee into the tar pit
Raised in the armpit of the country, it only made me hungry
Like rolling up the kush then developing the munchies
Keep a one hundred out east and keep it funky
And a fresh wardrobe (?) out the dirty laundry
Cus every word (?) filling awfully  decent
Goes around comes around kinda like the seasons
Couldn't felt my heart, can give you no reason
Goes around comes around
Kinda like the seasons

(chorus X2)
Rain, hell, sleep, snow
With the sun still shining it doesn't seem this cold

(Stik Figa)
Nothing could grow here, the heat is unforgiven
Every landscape suffocate, thanks for living
Years is rainfall, the drought is like a prison
No all aces to dream in the distance
I'm lacking vision, got religion, got the semi
I got provisions, got the system, got the Henny
Got off track calculate the course to live it all
Lost in an island and never got the Emmy
Fiddling for myself, wishing for some help
Someone threw a ball redistributing the wealth
Sweats are evaporating, it's consistent with the hell
Killed the spirit that I had now I'm living with a shell
Hard on the lapel can't think of any reason
to rock this damn sweater when I know it's out of season
When the sun sets it tilts so many reasons
Goes around comes around
Kinda like the seasons

(chorus X2)