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Artist: AP.9
Album:  World Wide Mob Figa
Song:   Freestyle
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Give me the mic man
Niggas get shot in they asshole
They gon' see
Wussup Hatch, this right here Hatch?
Yea, yea, yea, yea
Yo AP mutha fuckin' 9 wit a calico
Hit the block like wussup knowin' niggas know
Yo I don't talk that punk shit
I walk straight down the strip wit a fat ol' clip
It's like my dick boy, it's hangin' low
Hangin' down niggas talkin' that shit around the town boy I gotta frown
Because I'm mad, mad wit a fat gat
You know I'm mad, I'll shoot a nigga in his back
I'll shoot him in his face, I'll put that on tres
Yo I leave no trace yo I'm outer space
It's like shit ever since I touched the mic niggas was hatin'
But shit AP.9 don't never no... yo, yo, yo