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Artist: AP. 9
Album:  Headshotz
Song:   M.O.B. F.I.G.A.Z.
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Ugh, ugh, ugh

Chorus: x2
Don't play me
I'm deadly in this G-A-M-E
My lead be aimin' at yo D-O-M-E
Behead me

It's like one too many niggas jumped in the game [OK]
It's like niggas in it for the muthafuckin' fame
Not me [uh, uh]
Not AP [naw]
Everything I get on
Niggas know I spit on
Been in this shit since ‘93
Rockin' a wife beat [ugh]
Niggas know I'm upstreet
Nothin' but concrete
And you can catch me
Sittin' in a Bentley Azur
Gettin' tucked by your whore
Niggas know what I have in store
Niggas started movin' this coke
And the coke kept on movin'
So he hit the boat
A few niggas got smoked
And a few choked
That's the way it goes
I'm livin' up under the "O"
They locked up Bo
And now I'm doin' it fuckin' solo
We fuckin' with them homos
No mo, no mo, no mo
Back to the block
Back to the glock
And if they keep talkin' shit
Then get back to your pops
I'm havin' it not
Talk bread [talk bread]
Cut it up and choke it
And watch these suckas
Addin' up they losses
And I'm often
Flossin' get a nigga on chill [I said often]
The nigga O Fed
I could kill a nigga at will
Fo' real
I'm tryin' to get a meal
Put a game in steel
Don't say what a nigga want
Cuz you know what a nigga will

[Chorus] x2

So I parked the big body
Hopped up like Gotti
Nothin' but a gangsta party
Lodi dodi
Niggas facin' hotties
All up in the party
Like sippin' on Bacardi
Suckin' on a lemon lime
We at the bar
Livin' the life of a star
No matter who you are
We takin' this shit by far
Look at my car
Look at me
Look at my ice
Look at yo wife man
Take a look at yo life man
It's like this ya'll
Tear 'em like a spitball
This is it ya'll
Yo bitch wanna get the dick raw
I told her hold on
Hold up on the scrotum
While I fuck her from her back
This gun when it's hauled in
A filthy fuckin' auto [auto]
Stick ‘em to a mud or what
Always be a leader [leader]
Can never be a follower
The game goes up [game goes]
And down like yoyo
And I bang knows [bang knows]
Straight to come and get that yayo

[Chorus] x4