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Artist: Anubis5
Album:  Black Market Designer Love
Song:   Bombing Air Supply
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"Night shifts interfere with my real work."
"Oh man, is that all you want to do.
 I mean go bombing trains at night and pushing a broom all day?"
"Man, why are you getting on case?"
"I'm not getting at you man"

Keeping real realness while I bring it right back
I picked up a parka and a paint marker
Tagged up the town and put it in a frame for the
Memories, cause right now I still wear denim jeans
It's the lemon squeeze and kids have to remember me
December comes around and I'm back to the basics
My optics are lasek giving the town a face lift
Out of world space shit breaking out the stratosphere 
Set fire to the clouds and trail blazed out the atmosphere

"That's a burner"

Talk to me Goose
I got these goofs in my sights and no way I'm letting loose
I worked too hard to get overshadowed in the long run 
I'll fuck these pussies straight on with no condom
I build for you to take away
No skill means no talent so you're best to part ways
Seperate yourself from the culture that you're killing
Seperate your mouth from those fake gold fillings

"It's so white. It's so clean"

It's like Def Jam Vendetta, except they're more fake
You forgot about the b-boy for God's sakes
MC skills are abused on a next to nothing name drop
Allowances don't cover the price that rising fame costs
Roots are blocked, rap music prevails
We all develop a limp, hip talk and females
Retail suggested amount, we're never out of stock
Of clown rap acts that claim the freshest hip hop
I would never sell my fate to a flag staff
I'd die for myself but not the rep my country's name has
Culture thieves walked the streets but they were already dead
Zombie slaves to the machine designed to break bread
Did myself a favor and bailed out of an airline
Dynamite on my chest, human life to land mine
Dropping death to this fake style rise
Make no mistake, I'm bombing air supply

"When I'm writing trains or when you're mixing sounds,
 making people dance, that's everything. We're alive"