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Artist: Anubis5 f/ Andy Able
Album:  Black Market Designer Drug Version 2.0
Song:   Artificial Images
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I rock in ways that you never could imagine
Packing the action, I'm like Christ, I carry a passion
And I rip artificial superficial kids with images
That only act hard to prove what the fuck they're living in

[Andy Able]
Hold up, wait a minute, it's not me who's trying to laugh yet
We always get the last word in, it's one of our main assets
We lash back at close minded heads, suppose I am dead
We'll still keep it heavy like stone iron lead motherfucker
So I figure it's ignorant to ignore the rest
But picture it's significance is invalid at best
All their talent is found in the background to sink fast
We always come, we think first and we never seem to think last

Think that everything is nothing but a pleasant dream
When in reality nothing is really what it seems
Now these entities bleed to try to prove that they're above it
Come back and find me if you want to make something of it