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Artist: Anti-Pop Consortium
Album:  Arrythmia
Song:   Focused
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[High Priest]
yo, I went out to the store
got right to the door
I had to go back
forgot what I came for
shot back to the lab

yo, priest grab the tabs
[M. Sayyid]
oh, word, you takin percocet?
[High Priest]
yo, are these tablets working yet?

the doctor said be careful
cuz these pills are kinda strong
let's mainline
got some poke n sniff
get some tokens kid
let's ride the train

[M. Sayyid]
back with a gift
slippin the grip
hold me down like a knick
oh, that's that shit
maurice diamond so slick

far from a view (view)
far from few
king daddy disco (disco)
pots beats grease like crisco
bang like pistol (pistol)
intent clear as crystal (crystal)
the thing I require from this industry is money and autonomy
feather float pillow (pillow)
white chin, double dribble
ballbeam burst bubble
crippled on beats

[M. Sayyid]
that spells trouble

[High Priest]
let's make these tracks bubble
no time for a huddle
you wanna hear pats?
son come follow me
can't follow these rhymes
rap to fumbly

[M. Sayyid]
banannas make shit scatter
oh, there he is
runnin out a padded white van
up a ladder
don't jump, uuaah
sliced my bladder

uh oh, in need of first aid
better hustle
swift as if you kicked a pit bull in the nuts
permanent bad mood
for mcs with skill we bear no ill will


get your mind together
time is not forever
so focused
so focused