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Artist: Anquette 
Album:  Respect 
Song:   Janet Reno 
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[Intro: Anquette, backed up by "Dragnet" theme]
In our town we have a State Attorney by the name of Janet Reno 
She locks brothers up for not paying their child support
In your town you may have someone just like her 

[the beat kicks in]

You think you're so slick, that you won't have to pay 
You slay, get a baby, then run away 
Oh, but I got a trick for your monkey ass 
The boys that don't pay get cased up fast 
You ?answer to? Janet Reno and she lays the law 
And when she's through with you, you'll wish you never saw 
Me or the baby or the place where we met 
Digging up old gold that you wish you could forget 
The proof is here, it's livin and breathin 
And Janet Reno's makin sure that I start receivin 
All the money you get, all the checks you make 
Janet Reno will make sure and TAKE 

*singing to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"*
Janet Reno comes to town collecting all the money 
You stayed one day, then ran away, and started actin funny 
She caught you down on 15th Ave., you tried to hide your trail 
She found your ass and locked you up, now WHO can post no bail? 
(Bust it!)

You're out in your 'vert, dickin her down 
You start to get ?babblin? when Reno comes around 
You start changing your looks, your clothes and your car 
You're not a mama's boy, you're a projects star 
It's time to pay your dues, I mean pay in full 
Janet's in control, you ain't got no pull 
You can't boss around like the boys on the ave. 
And slowly but surely I'm gettin all that you have 
From your bad-ass suits to your Revlon cologne 
Your diamond rings, gold rope and everything you own 
Will get taken and then you be sad to the max 
And I'll even get your income tax 

*singing to the tune of "Charlie Brown" by the Coasters*
He walks in a courtroom, cool and slow 
And calls Janet Reno a no good dirty hoe 
She locks yo ass up, now you don't know what to do 
The boys on the ave. are sure dissin you 
(Hit it!) 

Janet Reno gets justice for all 
You can solve your problem with a phone call 
So if you have a problem that you want resolved 
Just straighten it out when you get in court 
Put your faith in her and you won her respect 
And if it's up to her you get all your checks 
She helped me out of a jam, I'm doin well on my own 
It could be the same for yours, been proven and shown 

*singing to the tune of "This Old Man"*
Yes my man had a Brougham 
But this time he's not drivin it home 
With a knick-knack-slam-splack, you hit it, now you're gone 
Now I'm 'round town just pushin your Brougham 
The next time you start to make a selection 
Make sure that you got some protection 
Think twice the next time before you jump right in the bed 
Take a minute out to put a rubber on your head