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Artist: Annakin Slayd
Album:  Stalwart Empire
Song:   Locomotive Overthrow
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I drop napalm like apocalypse now
Kick locomotive flows when I'm rockin the house
Hip hop Intifada, throw a rock in the crowd
Slayd steppin'up the ladder to the top of the clouds
Ha ha yeah, now I'm spittin my language
But y'all had go and trade the picnic for the sandwich
Fuck that diplomat stance, pick up an anvil
Drop five tons down bring this shit to a stand still
Stalwart Yosemite Sam
Put a Molotov cocktail in every hand
Go, twenty-five kilometers of enemy land
Cross mud, snow, ice, rock and plenty of sand
Rush, rush down barriers, hold our ranks
I'm a one man, all heart, stalwart tank
There ain't nothing to y'art, that's why I'm drawing a blank
Yeah, I'ma take this dive, you keep walking the plank

Chrous: Clench left fist, that's the way we throw
Raise right arm, that's the way we show
Stomp both feet, this the way it goes
Locomotive overthrow never stop, never slow
Clench both fists, that's the way we throw
Flex both arms, that's the way we show
Stomp both feet, this the way it goes
Locomotive overthrow, never stop, never slow

Money, cash, fame and glory
Me? It's all truth. You? Same old story
Bet you never seen a rapper like this before me
Bet you catch me on the couch like Prince, this bores me
They say it's just a fad, I ain't relying on that
Trying to snatch the crown you ain't denying me that
Kick it like a locomotive when I'm ridin' the track
I'm a missionary, you're a bitch, lie on your back
Flex so tough we break the chains, uh
Put your feet down, boy, stake your claim
Stand at attention y'all state your name
Steal boots stomp, march, shake the game
I strike a pose, verse of prose like Poe poet
Rappin, rappin, rappin, till the door's blown open
Don't get it, that means you don't know it
So I brought the motherfuckin' kitchen sink to throw it


Anni Slayd, Runaway Train
Loco in the frame but I'm tryin' to stay sane
Got that Will Wallace heart man, I brave the pain
From Eric Gagne town that's why I save the game
The battle started when we got out the station
I fired the first shot cause I ran out of patience
All those motherfucking cards stacked against him
Got a Texas hold stare when I stand and face 'em