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Artist: Angel Haze f/ Ludacris
Album:  22 Jump Street Soundtrack
Song:   22 Jump Street
Typed by: e-squared187

[Verse 1: Angel Haze]
We're never done, we found a place where we belong
Don't have to stand alone, we'll never let you fall
Don't need permission to decide what you believe
And jump, down on Jump Street

[Chorus: Angel Haze]
Jump, down on Jump Street
Say jump, down on Jump Street
Say jump, down on Jump Street
Say jump, down on Jump Street

[Verse 2: Ludacris]
Work hard, play hard
You may not wanna quit your day job
Undercover, on the loose
Don't let 'em recognize your face card
This king shit, the team equipped
We 'bout to empty out like three clips
Got a mean grip on this street tip
Tearin' up the club like 3-6
We out of control, all over the place
And somebody gotta put it to a stop, quick
Out on the road and all up in your face
You better know we steady lookin' for the drop, bitch
Yeah they'll crack the case and yeah they gotta crack it fast
They're the Jump Street and 'bout to jump up in your ass
This the special unit that's designed to keep it quiet
We infiltrate the dealers and we find the damn suppliers

[Verse 3: Angel Haze]
Your friends'll be there when your back is to the wall
You'll find you need us cause there's no one else to call
When it was hopeless, the decision is what you need
You better be ready to, be ready to jump

[Chorus: Angel Haze]

[Verse 4: Angel Haze]
Don't be afraid to die
A lot of bad guys should be afraid to die
Got Schmidt, Jenko, the whole damn crew
Same ole same ole with a whole lot of new
You know there can't be love without an [?]
It all goes hand in hand like yin and yang
In the city but I'm mothafuckin' sky high
Tryna find a new drug called wi-fi
Wait, we just here tryna find us
Schmidt went lookin', 'til he found love
Got his life sweet, bon appetit
Spring break, bitch, throw a party on the beach
Shit did change, but all that means
Is that your real friends don't ever leave
Will it ever be complete?
Jump Street won't ever cease