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Artist: Ancient Coins
Album:  Convexed: A Nature Sounds Compilation
Song:   I Say Yo
Typed by: CnoEvil@CHAMBERMUSIK.Com

[Chorus: Armel (Spanky Splash)]
You got a man, I got a girl right now
(You got kids, or you ain't got no kids)
Mad at me, cuz I spoil myself, still for delf
Playing life games, going for wealth

[Spanky Splash] (Armel)
I'm a mess (got like real, and silicone breasts)
I confess, Armel like girls who tricks they own chest
(Well, never the less, the mission at hand)
The mic stand, who wanna test, the two-man band that understand
(The principle to hit consistant) To go the distance
Lover, one night stand (that cheat on her man, that there)
Needs a bible (That's word to gospel)
The facts there (and looks clear, your girl is hostile)
When she do that there (her mind ain't right) the time ain't right
(Please don't do that there) I freestyle like hype (your dime ain't tight)
Settling down, making babies (you must be crazy)
I'm too young, (plus we travel state to state)
And plus it's too fun (no expectations to make)
Relationships? (I usually keep expiration dates)


[Armel] (Spanky Splash)
How shorty try'nna be her friend to be her babysitter
(And she got a maintanence, stealing on the date, fucking with them niggaz)
She gave head, came home and kissed the kids
(Baby father found out) Yo, guess what he did
(Smacked her up, told her get out, wouldn't let her leave)
She reached the knife, but wasn't precise, just snipped the sleeve
(On some soap opera shit) Montell or Jenny Jones
(This episode:) Why my girl never home?
Maury I love her (but she's) fucking my brother
(It's more to story) Maury (I'm fucking her mother)
Mommy about to have my baby (isin't that a bitch)
And her daughter's cool with it (isin't that a switch)
Yo, the people started reacting (Me and Mel was laughing)
Her response from the crowd (Ill, y'all some nasty asses)
I don't care, you don't know me, y'all don't know how I get down
(Her moms is having that baby, that's all that matters now)


[Armel] (Spanky Splash)
Power-U (got you out) orbit (come back to earth)
Ya'll need to start from scratch (unique from birth)
Regardless of what I rap (go back to that)
Cuz y'all making matters worse (kids come first)