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Artist: Alex Dimez
Album:  Twenty Dimez
Song:   Stormy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"Looks like stormy weather" {*4X*}

[Alex Dimez]
Aiyyo I, walk with my eyes closed, sleep with them wide open
I get these night visions, I got these niggaz open
They see me in the cut, and I'm steady scopin
The way I think is fucked up and I ain't even jokin
I'm sayin what I wanna say nigga and basically
You could never stand side by side or face to face with me
Bitches couldn't ride, good luck tryin to race with me
Back for my spot, ain't no way someone replacin me
And you should face it; time I ain't gon' waste it
I'm like a martian, set it off on a spaceship
You niggaz orphans, nobody's wantin no waste kid
CB4'n, nobody's buyin that fake shit
I'm out here warrin, my name is makin a statement
Homey I'm tourin, different cities tryin to make it
I'm goin all in, like I was goin in negative
So appallin, that they don't want me to make it
It's so appallin


[Alex Dimez]
And now let's talk about this pain in my back
And the stress I gotta deal with tryin to finish this track
I'm goin all out, so you know there's no turnin back
Bring 'em all out, for sure you gon' want your money back
I got a, lot of life distractions
And all I'm really tryin to do is this rap thing
Readjustin like a team with no captain
Checkin myself in, cause I feel like relapsin, relaxin
Yeah it's true I had to give up my mansion but
With every sacrifice comes a price
And I'm gettin, exactly what I'm wantin out of life
Even though I'm livin with the pain, takin pills at night
See I know it's deep inside my brain, somethin just ain't right
Even though, time and time again I'm ready to take flight
Reminisce on them days I used to get in that ass
And back then she used to say, that this too shall pass
And that's that


{*scratched over Chorus: "Workin hard may help you maintain" - Deck*}
{*"to help you overcome the heartaches and pain"*}