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Artist: Alex Dimez
Album:  Twenty Dimez
Song:   My Big Brother
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Alex Dimez]
Before my days turn to nights, I watch the city rise
Crush plenty girls, had beef with many guys
At night, prayed for peace, but there's war in my eyes
So I stick with my brother like the four on my side
Any schoolyard beef, he'd be ready to ride
My big brother Archduke, there ain't no other
Different pops, same mom, so we rolled as one
Brothers wouldn't even try cause they knowed he'd come
Back then was straight knuckles, we didn't have any guns
Never had to worry 'bout, gettin stuck for my lunch funds
And even back then, took the time out to puff some
Runnin 'round town like we Biggie and Puff
I tried to, show my older brother love all the time
But decisions that he makes, it just fucks with my mind
I went right, he went left, I just take it as a sign
But it doesn't make sense cause you could make it with a dime

Yo I gotta smile as I think about this
The first time when we got in the lab together
and we recorded "Mad Rush"
Yo we was like five minutes up from the hood, y'know?
And uh we was with Dino and he was bangin out on the beat
That, that was crazy, that was a crazy time
From the get-go, he's always been that guy
We're teenagers, not even allowed to be in the spot
We just rock the fuckin show, everybody's fuckin tryin to get at us
This guy literally fell asleep, in front of the speakers like this
I'm like yo, get up yo, people are trying to politic with us

It goes around the top, I remember it like yesterday
The rhymes I spit keep the air hot like pepper spray
To hell with 'em, motherfuck what a friend would say
Said it couldn't happen went ahead and did it anyway
I've been doin this, ever since grade school
Had the red suede Filas, I was no fool
Had a bad reputation so I played cool
Seen a different night, so a brother had to make moves
Puttin together groups, doin shows, makin a name
What can I say? I was destined for fame
Long before my brother got in the game, growin up I
always knew that we was one in the same
The first time he spit on the ball court in Palmer Court
Wish I had a tape player so that I can record it
Lot of people never thought that he wrote it, most respected
Top emcee, on the block he was voted
Surround Sound, is where it all started
Was all good 'til my cousin Fleur B parted
I holla'd at my niggaz Rowin Tatum and Shawn O
Asked if they was down, both the niggaz said hell no
But long after we beat out Spare Waves and Plhegm-o
Sparkz and Juicy D started workin on a demo
And then we met Brent from, Just Entertainment
who said we had to get our shit, out on the pavement
And two years later, we dropped the vinyl
And then two years later, we would know where to find you
Came back with S&K, no longer was Raw Line
That was when my brother left all of my dreams behind
Even tried to get me standin in line, now that's raw
Couldn't imagine all of the things that I saw
Had me standin all hangin with my jaw in awe
People ask if I'll ever turn back, I say naw