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Artist: Alex Dimez f/ King Jus aka Great Talk Slinga
Album:  Twenty Dimez
Song:   Green
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Alex Dimez
(King Jus) Yeah!

If you gettin sick and tired of the daily routine
Wipe the whole canvas clean, turn the landscape green
Say green (green!) Green (green!)
Say green, green mean gold for you and your team
And if you gettin sick and tired of the same old scene
Green mean go, and red mean stop, say green
Say green (green!) Say green (green!)
Say green, green mean gold for you and your team

[King Jus]
Rrrah~! Where the grass is greener on the other side
Cause the other side, solidified, with rhymes that I devised
Not green like just arrived, green like good to go live like
Me and Alex Dimez, and this beat from TymE
Green light to one and all, them claimin that's why we made it green
No pauses intervene, no doubt misentering
Green's when your large, cruisin down the boulevard
with a full squad and the only thing that can stop you is God
You get it? Green's like the feeling of the sun bein on ya
Brand new, it's on you, so what'chu gonna do?
Elevation or stagnation, no one's bigger than the truth
So it is what it is, and it'll be what it will
Be still, green mean I got the bill and some bangs ill
Green's how I flow on a royal beat like a king
On a golf green, green screen, big screen
Any scene I mean, 'cept I rep the hot 16


[Alex Dimez]
Rrrah~! Green, cause I'm all about my dough
And ain't gotta ask cause she know that I'm a hoe
I take her back to the telly right, after the show
and get, up in the belly now act like you know
(Act like you know) Green, the color, of everlastin
I told you from the gate I wasn't gon' run out of gas kid
Flowin in the hood, I was humble and stackin
And now I crush shows all over the atlas (sheeit)
I like my celery, crisp in a stalk
You can, tell that I'm green by the way that I walk
Keep my money on time like how these lights on the crop
Told you back from the block I wasn't stoppin for no cops
Goin out for the gusto, nigga that's mad locks
In and out in one day? Now you gettin mad props
That's so lame, lookin at your life and it's so plain
Step your letters up, time to get you some romaine