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Artist: Alex Dimez
Album:  Twenty Dimez
Song:   Bustin Stereo Decks
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Alex Dimez]
I'm a Chinese, Syrian, Jamaican, Canadian
Reppin a lot of things but fam is the main thing
You know the strange thing you probably feel like fainting
Everybody's patiently waiting, for the show to start
So I'ma play my part and demonstrate to you my art
You know the kid is the real, the shit I spit is from the heart
Right from the very start I always knew I'd be a star
I axed friends to get in groups and they all told me NAH~!
And the ones who did, they tried to work me hard
So I lined them up and kept them movin like a crossing guard
So called brothers add a nigga and delete him
I don't give a fuck cause, I don't even need 'em
You better believe, anything I do is for a reason
People only bless them, whenever they sneezin
Won't be no need for a vest when I'm squeezin
Yeah you stack paper, but I stack checks
I pop bottles, while you get vexed
You want to battle, and I'm like next
Now your girl call me up for that birthday sex
And I'm keep gettin high, what do you expect?
And keep comin with that shit to bust your stereo decks