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Artist: A.L.T.
Album:  Stone Cold World
Song:   Deez Nuts
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(Verse 1)
Let's get down to the nitty gritty
It's a stone cold world and a even worse city
And if you ever wanna trip
I got a automatic doozy with a filled up clip
So come take a trip through the hood with me
You might be surprised of what you see
Like Flaco, sniffin' up the coca
Or a bitch who suckin' dick for a rock, we call her loca
A little kid throwing up gang signs
Standin' on the corner, sellin' nickels and dimes
I'm rollin' by, and I'm hittin' my switch
And if you talkin' shit, then I'm flippin' a bitch
And hoppin' out the ride with the automatic toys
Chains and bats, and a whole lot of homeboys
And we all straight G's
The name is A.L.T.
And don't fuck with these

Break: Tony G.
"These nuts"
"These nuts"

(Verse 2)
I'm rollin' through the streets in a stolen van
Who's the man, with the master plan
The mean motherfucker straightin' G'in
The one with the gun in a fuckin' museum
And the dress gettin' tossed out
And if you writin' your name on the wall, was getting crossed out
With the R.I.P. next to it
I know you didn't think that I would
But I'd do it
It's a trip
Better not slip
Run for your gun as I make the hit
Your ship just sank
I just go blank
And if you come through my hood, you better bring a tank
So fuck all the masquerades
Cause A.L.T.
Kill more fools than AIDS
It's a sickness
I do it with the quickness ease
The name is A.L.T.
And don't fuck with these

Repeat Break Twice

(Verse 3)
You just won a trip to the wild wild west
Hotel accomodations with a gat in a vest
So one o' clock, two o' clock, three o' clock, glock
The undercover cop just moved up the block
I can go psycho like Norman Bates
And make 'em motherfuckers see the pearly gates
I wanna pump your ass with a pound of led
Just ask Tiny
Or Kevin Kev
A cop busted, then I said, "Freeze"
And if I smoke his ass, I'm on a sell CDs
But if I let him live
And try to be positive
The critics'll love me
The paychecks ugly
He falls to the ground
He's bleeding from the mouth
And he's making a fucked up sound
And then I'm gone with the wind like a breeze
The name is A.L.T.
So don't fuck with these

Repeat Break Twice