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Artist: Almighty
Album:  Original S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)
Song:   Top Hat Rap
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(*Scratched Samples*)
And now ladies and gentlemen
Ladies... and gentlemen
Let's see what's next...
Next up...
Ladies... and gentlemen
Let's see what's next
Next up...
Ladies... and gentlemen

Mention my name 'mongst the greats (the greats)
I don't give a fuck what cha thank or what's ya rank
I'ma General, and in general, I never generalize
On my enterprise watch as I rise
The Almighty, praises due
Peep my phrase as proof
Kinetic speech, reach aim and shoot
And only hang with a famous few
Cuz to much of anything makes for loss of roots
Philosopho truth, keep it 100, the 12 tribes
My 1 life, 7 Deadly Sins a facade
Just breathe and count back from 10
The 13th letter got em' fiendin' again
With just the ink from my pen
The reverend within is a rebel
Unorthodox paradox mentally boxed like Fort Knox locks
To calibrate your clock tight right precise
You know I'm nice plus polite smile then serve you on the mic
You're welcome
Used to push the powder like talcum
Got caught up in the middle like Malcolm
Then found a new outcome
And how come, you don't want to see me on top
I give thanks and in turn we get props, The Almighty

[C-Rayz Walz]
Respect my Rayz
Before I eject my blades
I inspect your grave, blaze and raise you
Strength in Numbers (S.I.N.)
Exempt from me the extent of your slumber
I am thee alarm clock
Math class when the bomb drop
9 in the palm cocked
Born in reverse
Actual facts send you back to that warm spot
Subatomical particles connect
I rehearse and give life to a verse
With birth defects
My darts is God
Plus I spark the latest BAOBAB
You soft, the flow is hard
Who thought easy the poet's job
I'm autistic; the all truest artistic
Thirst Parcher in the parka
In the park with Chris Parker
Bronx Bomber wit a marker...
I'm a Midnight Marauding Monster
Snuff session's wit plus lessons
Snatch PI out the sky and crust Heaven
BLESSINGS!!! Wholeness is math you add
Soul controlling's the object; the words are paths
Respect the Almighty!
WHY?! 'Cause sun be shining
Slick Foxes, wise Owls and hungry Lions

[Son One]
Yo, I move from the city of lost dreams
I use music to numb the pain like morphine
More fiend for the dope, truly yours bring
Son plotting on this rap game since fourteen
My squad be in the lab posted up like a bulletin
Gotta go hard above part no mulligans
Live for the presence, essence, breath is blessing
Can't reminisce on what I coulda been
Checkmate is the risk skating on thin ice
I bright spark to a dim light, ten mics
Underestimate the value, increase the value
Sound bounce thru rock, the crown jewel you bow to
Your little words emerge with little work
Broadcasting live from crooked eye, it's middle Earth
United, we stick together like west sand
Almighty move with the vision of a deaf man

(*Scratched Samples*)