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Artist: Almighty f/ Born Sun
Album:  Original S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)
Song:   Rising Sunz
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
What's the illest rhyme I ever said?
Familiar lies will haunt my head
Blood is the wine, the flesh is the bread
Fake it, you break it, you mold it
The oldest, the soul is golden
The flow is swollen
He shows his token of gratitude
A black lagoon, half a moon
The crescent, the seventh, a message to Shepherd
Bless it, the meek shall inherit the Earth
Priest! Gold chariots at birth
Look up! See the castle in the sky
The apple of the eye
Priest! The Pharaoh before the scribes

His name woulda been Malekeh

(Chorus) Priest
In a king's legend to rap Supreme lesson
In greater form, my date is strong
Hard drive you peasants, these major forms
Yo a king's legend to rap Supreme legend
In greater form, my date is strong
Hard-drive you peasants, these major forms

[Son One]
Yo I speak 'cause they need the truth
I'ma breath of fresh air like breathing tubes
Homey read the news, what you see is unbelievable
Puffing on old Z and broom
My mind sharp enough to buck 50, the tough gritty
Never hate my words resonate in your city
I'm off the radar, way off, let's just say Mars
Stay rob, homey don't quit your day job
Face card, Ace wait we can face-off
Blow like the claymores, slow your pace pa
Shame on a nigga, got the soul of dirty
The raps is magic, the beats pay the role a worthy
Honor role, scholar flows, shit y'all don't know me
I'm behind the will but still the passion drove me
I amaze listeners
I create pictures from visions of scriptures quoted by Ministers

(Chorus) Priest

[Born Sun]
Yo, atomic mass, hydrogen and helium gas
In laymen's terms; sun will burn a motherfuckas ass
Slap-box, will face square, dance with chants
The circumstance thru cannabis, these orders to advance
Born Sun, my rhymes coincide with the Son of Man
With mic in hand I'll kill a man like the Son of Sam
The Art of Sun Tzu, mimic the moon, sun do
My main objective when I confront you, is to son you
Spar with the lyrical God, perform miracles
Separate your spiritual from your physical
Picasso with a four-four, painting pictures of pain
Taking your mic with age if you ever take my name in vain
Tony Montana in bandana spitting slained grammar
Resort to slander, cut heads like Highlander
Knowledge is true and living, recognize when I'm done
Yo there's one love, one life, and there only could be one Sunn

(Chorus) Priest

[C-Rayz Walz]
Display Decorum
The same thing you cry when you're born in the storm
Is the same sound formed when you die: Dead and gone
Allah's activation accepted astronomically
Born beyond 'Big Bang' blasphemy
Based and belief
Creation catapults catastrophe
Cultures and C.R.E.A.M.
Divine deeds displayed by demons who deen
Equality with Elohim, each essence is endless
For energy and extreme esteem etched in existence
Father flew Falcons, found feathers in the forest
God was a Genie in Greece guarding the gold gauntlets
His story the house of Horus, holding heat
Islam's infinity, justice for Jupiter Kings
Love master now, or end power the Queen
Righteous Savior of truth; a universal victory
His wisdom an unknown zig-zag-zig
In a king's legend, peasant! It is what it is

(Chorus) Priest