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Artist: Almighty f/ Holocaust
Album:  Original S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)
Song:   Planet In Peril
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
Up in this piece... yo, yo
Lord of all worlds
The Almighty Viking with white wings
Lightning as his appearance
As his tear rinse away the blood from off the sword
He's tired of war; why should they die anymore?
Above 'em they complaining, Vultures soar
They see the open sores of a dying dinosaur
While the wild dog's gnaw at his spinal chord
They scatter soon as they hear the tribal call
Two rivals: Yao Ming Hill Keeper's versus the Good Shepherd Brotherhood
Masters of the Tiger claw
The Levites quickly take the hill
Throwing Holy water reciting the Bible law
The warrior takes off his blood soaked cloak
Softly spoke the quiet killers oath, glance at his family coat
Which lit up from the reflection of a lightning bolt
Killings in his blood, it swims in his veins
To defend his name, he'll do anything and give 'em the pain
The color of blood blend in with rain is in his brain
He kicks up a spear in his hands
Throws it like explosive, courtesy of the old Prince
It goes threw a shield-threw the skull-threw back of a head
The old graveyards

[C-Rayz Walz]
Dirty Arachnids - piss pamper
Backwater trophy tank student
Showing and proving my movement the illusion of confusion
PRUDENT! Jetliner banana clip, backwarder churchmen
Black bandana kids, bashed all your verses
Slaves from Savannah married Kansas nurses
The world went crazy, that's why we had babies on purpose
SO I! Talked to the ladies, man became beast, after crazy
Best 'cause everything he said, made her say she
Mind of Minolta; your tonsils fickle Vulture
Your conscious cripple, bust a water pipe
Life leaks thru the nipple - ulcer
Chest nut roasting on the open fire
That ain't swell, that's like balls on your tits
You're burning in hell
The Almighty - winning the war, while y'all lost steps
My Jesus piece face east, but never cross check
(AAARGGHH!) - Vultures!

I acquire what is called 'Mechanical Energy' in the universe
And quickly sit down upon my thrown, homes
Before the power leaves the whole universe in one blast blown
Drunk as two men; They're submitted for your approval
Some Gothic ruins; I'm deadly like feeding ducks at the park pond
When the mythological monster "The Hydria" splashed
It arose and started to eat cruel men
A house shootout: Often in the streets they wonder about my musical instilling
A gripping tale, the police searching for the mastermind behind some brutal killing
Guess right get $50 dollars - Guess wrong lose $20
You're left like a man gunned down during a grocery store hold-up
Buy two juveniles at nighttime in two hoodies
I'm medieval a wing red dragon who in the countryside eat a lot of people evil
Then one dark evening it took flight over burning shoulder, several villages
There in the air attacking you from the east of the Chapel
In a great hassle, flying all about the Tabernacles
He emits flame Indian jewelry and after though...
Put out of commission the castle