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Artist: Almighty
Album:  Original S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)
Song:   The Almighty
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
As the night creeps upon our Earth 
Our planet stops twirling for a minute
It's just there in the universe, for sixty-seconds
Our cities are wrecked with Nephilims that fell from heaven
Giants were weapons their alliance of God brethren's with bad adolescence
The concrete become the floor for thrashing
Calls of war contesting, the moon and stars as the eye of dead men
Police questioning the dope fiends and old veterans
Who search the cold streets for their medicine
It's twenty-seconds to go, one hands out doe
One pours out a gram of blow, put it up her nose
The other scream out a code before the screech of tires of the 5-0 
It's survival, ten seconds, all the snakes begin shedding
Telling, money pedaling, fire and the hell winds
Five-seconds, they all in the protection
The one under the eye of the medics
Four is war, three here comes the Ds
Two is only a few, one is done, here comes the sun
Wait, that's six more patrol lights
When we talk you see the white frost of cold nights
Bright sidewalks, wait, tie or hold the dice

The Almighty!

[Killah Priest]
Guns, they got mics, run, the satellites have cameras
The red and blue bandannas, better use your hammer
Its 2012, the new Panthers, Hosea 4: Verse: 6
My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge
It's blacks we wilding in Isaiah 42: Verse: 7
It gets worst brethren, there's no devil under the Earth lurking
With a pitch fork, no he's on Earth in person
Trying to lift off in a rocket ship before the comets hit
The Apocalypse, Indians watch from cliffs
Gangstas, goons, ghouls, and guru
Voodoo, vicious cycle, cleansing their sins
Angels or agents, Prophets or politicians
The problem we live with, religion probably the mystic predicted
Before the reptilian shape shifted
Forced to break the bridges, once the quake hit us
Hope God's with ya, better pray for The Almighty