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Artist: Alltruisms
Album:  Clusterbombs
Song:   'Oh' Epilogue
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I'm at the clinic cause my didick is a bunch of strange colors
Don't know did I get it from Oh or from one of those two hookers
I was with in Bangkok, not together, separately
Want a menage-a-three but won't pay double the fee
But for now I'm in the lobby waiting
Along with 15 other locos knowin what they're probably thinking
OH MY BUDDHA, karma came right back to 'em
After a short interval, went for his genitals
I'm wishin it's okay, no pain when I piss
Didn't singe so hopefully I just got bitten gettin brain
The pair of nads are fine, still I'm paranoid
Better take care of it now and leave time tomorrow for Laos
What's the worst case? The worst case is herpes or AIDS
Trojans bought at home American made are frayed
FUCK~! The doctor says the spots are just a bruise
Sticks a Q-tip in my tube to analyze the news
under the microscope, and found out what I got
is just a small infection, not too advanced antiobiotics is all that's necessary
And the moral of the story is be careful when I'm foreign and I'm horny!