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Artist: Alltruisms
Album:  Clusterbombs
Song:   'Oh'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

This is a true story
Make of it what you will, haha

My first evening in Shang-La, brand new to the place
Got in that morning from Bangkok on the overnight train
I had a second class seat cause it's cheaper than a sleeper
So my cheap ass didn't sleep at all, now I hear speakers
in a bar called the Rooftop, walked in got a beer chan
Freestyled to house music non-stop for 20 minutes
Forgot about the pollution
Forgot about callin home, notice there's plenty of women here
I need a mic, asked around, found one, flowed
Passed it around to some of the others, got pounds
Next scene, drinking sangsun and Cokes at Club Spicy
50 Cent video up on the screen behind me
Thai woman eyes me and we start dancin
She speaks good British English, it's obvious I'm handsome
No mention of money so you know what's next, no doubt
We're out, back to my guest house, she said her name was Oh

{*scratched: "Oh shit!"*}

The morning after, holdin her and laughin with her
What'chu wanna do, Oh I wanna hang with you today
Motorbike her to the Water Doison Tap
You can tell me 'bout the other english speaking boys you met
We rented it and went, I let her drive you know my style
Putting my life in an exotic woman's hands is wild erotic
You got stopped by the cops for no helmet
I paid your $400 fine, fine it's irrelevant
You showed me rituals, candles, incense and orchids
That shit with sticks got fortune #9, you turned morbid
It said don't leave the house, so I stayed
While this big booty dame, left to pray at sunrise and straight through the day
Next day at the hot springs, your sister tagged her ass along
Tearin ass, had me terrified we'd crash
You said I never smiled and walked like a zombie
Told me to shave my face and I did, you had a spell on me

{*scratched: "Oh shit!"*}

She lived in that H to the Izzo, V to the E-L
That's a hovel overlooking a luxury hotel
200 meters from her job, tending bar for furongs
A 12 by 15 room for older sister and her moms
Hadn't seen your dad in years since he left
Wished that he would reappear we know that story in the West
You miss your brothers, ex-lovers harass you, retarded
You vow to go back to university regardless
I thought I understood your life when, lo and behold
You, told me 'bout the two thousand bat your boss owed you
50 bucks Oh, how many days back pay is that from
You looked at me like I'm dumb, it's six-eighty a week for a month
(Bummed!) After that you ditched me for a Frenchman
It's okay, maybe he'll pay, I'm just glad I used protection
Oh by the way I've got these spots, where's the clinic
And you started trippin~! What, forget it, it's finished
Oh well

{*scratched: "Oh shit!"*, "Oh my God"*}