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Artist: Alltruisms
Album:  Clusterbombs
Song:   Clusterbombs Laos
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Let's get that volume up!
Oh that's a SICK beat, so sick, I love that
Yeah! You mind if I get on that?

Clusterbombs are like rappers, hundreds drop at a time
We need enough spins to blow up, otherwise
They'll sit in fields, until a child picks it up and it kills 'em
They gon' make hurt they ears hurt listenin to whack albums
There's where the comparison ends and it's no joke
Behind winding moutain roads and Mekong fishing boats
Grown folks have to plant their land to eat
Littered with bombs that can blow up whole families
Legacy of our secret war in the other theatre
They say it'll take a full hundred years to clear the land
of unexploded ordinance, UXO's, bombies
Proxy American war still fightin the commies
For the North Vietnamese their defense is the bad weather
Kept cargo from targets, pilots couldn't land with it
Which explains how statistically, Laos became
the most heavily bombed country in human history
One planeload every eight minutes for nine years
Our Congress and our citizens had no idea
While the village guerillas hid a decade, networks of smugglers caves
The effort, the struggle, the strain
Eight hour bus ride on my birthday, came there to learn
Came to see the plated jars, huge funerary burns
There we were in a field, Konkoyo from Senegal said don't step there
That's not a dusty tennis ball
It'll kill us all don't doubt it, some men are so poor
they died trying to extract the gunpowder out of it
And I found it discouraging, this town didn't deserve
to be still dying from 30 years ago's counter-insurgency
That accomplished WHAT, hopefully something
Besides the CIA opium smuggling, were they smoking something?
I can't digest it all, there'll be time later
Alltruisms signing off for now
Films from an Laos inside this bomb crater

("Feelin that, I'm so feelin that" - *2X*)